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Real time: November 1, 2020

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    China's coal market has been much more volatile. If you are frustrated about not having an easier access to the timely changing market information, Sxcoal Flash service could help! We trust it would be a useful service to your instant market information gathering!



    The instant flash news covers thermal coal, met coal, coke in major production, transfer ports and consumption areas as well as the futures market, ranging from industry policies, hot news, prices, inventories, tenders, offers/bids, sentiment and expectation, etc.

    - Hot Events/Policies & Impact
    - Critical Market Indicators
    - Official/Sxcoal Data Infographics
    - China Commodities Futures at Close
    - Sxcoal Futures-Spot Basis
    - China Thermal Coal Market in Figures
    - Production/Portside Thermal Coal Price & Sentiment
    - Chinese Utility Tender Bids/Awards
    - Thermal Coal Domestic-Import Spread Estimates
    - Sxcoal Thermal Coal Daily Track
    - Sxcoal Thermal Coal Daily Survey
    - CCI Daily Thermal Coal Index
    - Sxcoal Thermal Coal Weekly Monitor
    - CCI Weekly Import Award Price Index
    - CCI Weekly Russian Coal Price Index
    - Miner Weekly Coal Purchase Price
    - Power Plant Coal Burn/Inventory Updates
    - Daqin Railway Shipment
    - Production/Portside Met Coal Price/Sentiment
    - China Met Coal Market in Figures
    - Sxcoal Coking Coal Daily Track
    - Sxcoal Met Coke Daily Track
    - Sxcoal Coking Coal Daily Survey
    - Sxcoal Met Coke Daily Survey
    - CCI Daily Met Coal Price Index
    - CCI Weekly Russian Met Price Index
    - Sxcoal Coking Coal Weekly Monitor
    - Sxcoal Met Coke Weekly Monitor


    The instant flash news service will be delivered via globally popular platform.

    The platform's end-to-end encryption and Sxcoal's professionalism will help ensure you to get the critical market updates securely. Only Sxcoal employees who manage and maintain the products can see who subscribe to the service. Subscribers can also ask market related questions through the platform on a one-to-one basis with our editors and analysts.