• Friday January 21,2022
  • 10:45:44
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    China's Crude steel output of the top five producing provinces of Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning and Shanxi totaled 48.64 Mt in Dec, up 28.6% MoM, accounting 56.4% of the country's total, showed data from the NBS.

  • 09:26:38
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    Japan imported 15.86 Mt of coal in Dec, up 3.5% YoY, with import value at $3.29 billion, surging 178.4% YoY, preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance showed on Jan 20.

  • 09:11:14
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    Indonesia has lifted the ban on coal export for 139 companies that have fulfilled the 2021 DMO by 100% or more, which account for most of the country's major miners, according to a government circular on Jan 20. The ban remains in place until Jan 31 for other mining companies which have yet to meet their DMOs.

  • Thursday January 20,2022
  • 15:30:36
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    As of 15:00 p.m. (GMT+8) Jan 20, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 2,946.0 yuan/t and closed at 3,008.0.0 yuan/t, up 0.57%; coking coal opened at 2,250.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,312.0 yuan/t, up 0.41%. Thermal coal rose by 1.04% to 774.8 yuan/t at close, after opening at 772.4 yuan/t.

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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Jan 20, Chinese coking coal futures dipped 0.69%, coke dropped 1.49%, thermal coal picked up 0.55% and iron ore rebounded 0.55%.

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    China's Premier Li Keqiang in a meeting on Jan 19 stressed to guarantee coal, power, oil and gas supply especially during Spring Festival holidays. He asked to step up coal-fired power generation, maintain normal coal production, enhance the role of new energy and electricity supplement through cross-region power transmission.

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    Hebei Maritime Safety Administration, with 7 of the total 8 major coal transfer ports in jurisdiction and contributes to nearly 80% of coal delivered to utilities in S China through Hebei-based ports, will ensure departure of 2,100 vessels loaded with 45 Mt of power coal during the Spring Festival holidays, said the administration.

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    China Railway Guangzhou Group shipped a total 8.31 Mt of power coal in 124,000 wagons as of Jan 18, jumping 108.3% from the same period last year and boosting coal stocks' average coverage to over 29 days.

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    China's central state-owned coal producers will continue to enhance concentration of advanced coal resources and boost output under a scientific production plan to ensure energy supply stability, and meanwhile take the lead to conduct term contracts to help bring coal prices back to a reasonable range, said spokesman with SASAC.

  • Wednesday January 19,2022
  • 16:14:33
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    20 Chinese coal producers reported raw coal production over 30 Mt in 2021, with total production combined at 2.66 Bt, growing 3.1% YoY and accounting for 65.3% of China's total output, showed the preliminary statistics from the CNCA.

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    Coal stocks at Indian ports totaled 7.67 Mt as of Dec 31, down 14.6 from end-Nov and 55% YoY. Coal stocks at Indian power plants came in 23.37 Mt as of Dec 31, down 42.7% YoY but up 17.6% MoM, showed data from Iman Resources.

  • 15:40:44
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    Total raw coal output of Inner Mongolia major coal mines was 1.04 Bt in 2021, up 2.7% YoY, expanding 0.7 percentage point from the previous 11 months, showed data from local statistic bureau.

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    As of 15:00 p.m. (GMT+8) Jan 19, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 2,992.5 yuan/t and closed at 2,946.0 yuan/t, down 0.25%; coking coal opened at 2,299.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,257.0 yuan/t, up 0.53%. Thermal coal rose by 6.63% to 774.8 yuan/t at close, after opening at 760.0 yuan/t.

  • 11:55:56
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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Jan 19, Chinese coking coal futures rose 1.60%, coke climbed 0.66%, thermal coal picked up 4.93% and iron ore rebounded 4.96%.

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    Thermal coal output of Australian miner BHP was 2.97 Mt during Oct-Dec of 2021, down 8% YoY and 30% QoQ, according to the quarterly report on Jan 19.

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