• Monday August 08,2022
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    All the trapped 5 workers were confirmed dead at 15:07 p.m. of Aug 8 in a roof collapse accident that happened on Aug 5 at Fenghuangtai coal mine in Qinyuan of Shanxi province, according to state media CCTV on Aug 8.

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    Prices of standard coal delivered to large Chinese power groups surged 34.5% YoY and over half of the power companies still in loss, the People's Daily cited one official with the China Electricity Council as said in an article. The official called for effective increase of coal supply and improving relevant policy measures to support coal-fired generators while strengthening mid- and long-term contract mechanism.  

  • 13:26:23
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    China's finished steel exports were registered at 6.67 Mt in Jul, increasing 17.7% YoY but down 11.7% MoM. Jan-Jul steel exports were 40.07 Mt, down 6.9% YoY, GAC data showed on Aug 7.

  • 11:40:16
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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Aug 8, Chinese coking coal futures increased 1.54%, coke rose 0.95%, thermal coal rose 0.37%, while iron ore up 4.31%.

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    China's State Administration for Market Regulation has recently dispatched 3 teams to investigate illegal pricing behaviors in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, respectively. 18 coal producers were preliminarily listed as suspects of coal price hype, and three trading centers were suspected of not implementing the government price caps.  

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    India's 12 state-run ports imported a total of 17.48 Mt of coal in Jul, rising 52.51 % YoY and 0.8% MoM, data from the India Ports Association showed.

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    China's National Mine Safety Administration has granted 147 coal mines to increase a total production capacity of 180 Mtpa so far this year. This came after the approval for a rise in 310 Mtpa in 207 coal mines throughout 2021. Since Sep 2021, the administration has greenlit 490 Mtpa of coal capacity, it said on Aug 5.

  • 09:30:59
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    China's coal imports totaled 23.52 Mt in Jul, retreating 22.05% or 6.66 Mt from 30.18 Mt YoY, yet up 23.92% or 4.54 Mt MoM, showed data from GAC on Aug 7.

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    Daqin railway coal shipments totaled 37.74 Mt in Jul, up 22.02% YoY; daily shipments reached 1.22 Mt, down slightly 0.29% from Jun, its operator Daqin Railway said on Aug 5.

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    China imported 91.24 Mt of iron ore and concentrates in Jul, up 2.6% MoM and 3.1% YoY. The accumulative imports were 626.82 Mt over Jan-Jul, down 3.4% YoY, GAC data showed on Aug 7.

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    China's steel product imports stood at 789,000 t in Jul, down 0.3% MoM and 24.8% YoY. Total imports in Jan-Jul were 6.56 Mt, down 21.9% YoY, GAC data showed on Aug 7.

  • Friday August 05,2022
  • 17:15:49
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    Coal shipment of Daqin railway increased 22.02% YoY to 37.74 Mt in Jul, with daily delivery at 1.22 Mt. An average of 80.7 heavy-haul trains were put into use each day in Jul, said its operator Daqin Railway Corporation.

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    The average mine-mouth price of thermal coal in Inner Mongolia inched up 0.05% MoM to 398.81 yuan/t in Jul, which grew by 4.37% from a year ago, showed data from Inner Mongolian Development and Reform Commission.

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    China's major west-to-east coal artery Daqin railway saw daily coal delivery exceed 1.3 Mt for 18 times since Jul. Its total coal shipment grew 2.9% YoY to 249 Mt so far this year, and its connecting ports of Qinhuangdao, Tangshan and Caofeidian saw coal stocks exceed 22 Mt, or 2/3 of these ports' total storage capacity, CCTV reported.

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    A roof collapse accident happened at Fenghuangtai coal mine in Qinyuan county, Changzhi city of Shanxi on August 5, trapping five workers, and the rescue team is still working to get trapped people out, state media CCTV reported.

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