• Friday February 03,2023
  • 09:38:25
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    Vale's iron ore output reached 308 Mt in 2022, a year-on-year decrease of 1.6%. It targets to produce 310-320 Mt of iron ore in 2023.

  • 09:20:34
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    Turkey imported 37.62 Mt of coal in 2022, rising 1.2% from 2021, the country's trading statistics showed. The import value last year jumped 100% to $8.32 billion. In Dec 2022, the country's coal imports were 4.2 Mt, up 27.93% from 3.28 Mt YoY and 9.71% from 3.83 Mt MoM.

  • 09:04:49
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    Colombia's coal production rose 10% year on year to 65.3 Mt in 2022, marking a second year of recovery after falling sharply in 2020 amid the pandemic, the Colombian Mining Association said on Feb 2.

  • Thursday February 02,2023
  • 15:32:04
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    There will be nine maintenance closures this year for coal rail network between Hunter Valley and Newcastle port. The first major maintenance shutdown starts on Feb 6 and lasts until Feb 10. The last major closure is set to be implemented in late November.

  • 11:46:09
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    Glencore said on Feb 1 its coal production rose 6.5% in 2022 to 110 Mt, incl. 97.3 Mt of thermal coal and 12.7 Mt of Met. coal. The company set a production target at 105-115 Mt for 2023.  

  • 11:01:24
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    State-owned Coal India Ltd (CIL) produced 71.90 Mt of coal in Jan 2023, up 11.49% YoY and 8.28% MoM, and hitting a new high since Apr 2022, the company said.

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    The central parity rate of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, strengthened to 6.713 against the U.S. dollar on Feb 2, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trade System.

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    China's Erenhot border port imported 3.65 Mt of iron ore in 2022, worth 1.57 bln yuan, making iron ore the most-traded commodity in terms of volume at the border port.

  • Wednesday February 01,2023
  • 17:05:41
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    Mongolia's largest state-run miner ETT held a training meeting on Feb 1 related to the online trading of coal for exporting. The company said earlier it will sell coal at ex-border price through online auction on the Mongolian Stock Exchange instead of mine-mouth prices with direct sales contracts with Chinese buyers. According to the meeting, the tradictional mine-mouth sales patten will be end on Feb 9, and the new selling prices will hover btw $170-180/t, ex-border basis, compared with Q4 mine-mouth price of $113/t.

  • 11:30:16
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    In 2022, South Africa exported 71.49 Mt of coal, up 8.12% from 2021, according to the latest South African Customs data. The exports in Dec was 5.4 Mt, down 9.54% YoY and 12.48% MoM.

  • 11:27:46
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    Coal India's consolidated net profit reached Rs77.56 billion ($948 million) in Oct-Dec 2022, a 70.1% jump YoY, while revenue from operations was Rs351.69 billion over the period, up 23.7% YoY, according to the company's exchange filing on Jan 31.

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    A total 1,017 trucks loaded with Mongolian coal cleared customs through China's largest inland road port Ganqimaodu on Jan 31, exceeding the 1,000 mark for the first time since Oct 21, 2020.

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    Global crude steel production of 64 countries and regions included in Worldsteel was 141 Mt in Dec, down 10.8% YoY, showed preliminary data from the Worldsteel. Full-year production of the 64 members was 1.83 Bt, down 4.3% YoY.

  • 09:37:26
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    China Shenhua Energy, the top-listed coal mining company in the country, expected its net profit attributable to shareholders to reach 68.7-70.7 bln yuan in 2022, up 36.6-40.6% YoY.

  • 08:59:52
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    China's Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Beijing and Zhejiang were the five largest importers in Dec, with the volume combined at 19.37 Mt, rising 12.53% YoY but falling 4.86% MoM. Their imports together accounted for 62.7% of China's total, marginally lower than 63% in Nov 2022.

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