• Friday September 22,2023
  • 10:10:47
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    China exported 0.51 Mt of coal in Aug 2023, a 9.5% rise YoY and a 218.75% surge MoM, adding the total exports to 2.74 Mt during Jan-Aug, down 1.2% YoY, according to latest data released by GAC.

  • 09:39:56
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    Shanxi province produced 898.02 Mt of coal during first eight months this year, up 4.4% YoY, data from local authorities showed.

  • Thursday September 21,2023
  • 17:25:04
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    China imported 33.34 Mt of thermal coal (including non-coking bituminous coal, sub-bituminous coal and lignite) in Aug, surging 53.13% YoY and up 7.84% MoM, hitting a new high since Jan 2021, customs data showed.

  • 16:55:17
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    China imported 9.57 Mt of coking coal in Aug, up 49.4% YoY and 34.2% MoM; anthracite imports reached 1.42 Mt, rising 11.2% YoY and 17.3% MoM, showed the latest data released by GAC.

  • 15:37:03
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    Chevron and unions are close to a deal that would end strikes at liquefied natural gas plants in Australia that have roiled global markets, with the nations labor regulator putting forward new proposals to resolve remaining disputes.

  • Wednesday September 20,2023
  • 16:58:37
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    S Korea imported a total 11.77 Mt of coal in Aug, falling 3.82% YoY but up 10.04% MoM, customs data showed. The import value reached $1.72 bln, down 41.61% YoY yet up 6.88% MoM.

  • 15:36:18
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    CHN Energy Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd has completed 9.11 Mt of coal outbound deliveries as of Sep 17, jumping 236% YoY, according to the report from Xinjiang Daily.

  • 11:01:33
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    Coal output in Russia's key producing area of Kuzbass edged down by 0.8% YoY to 143 Mt during Jan-Aug 2023, according to the Ministry of Coal Industry of Kuzbass. Coal production in Aug fell 6% YoY to 17.1 Mt.

  • 10:37:04
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    NW China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region produced a total 9.10 Mt of crude steel in the first eight months of 2023, rising 2.5% YoY, according to Xinjiang's iron and steel association. Pig iron output totaled 7.90 Mt, up 1.7% YoY, and finished steel production reached 10.38 Mt, dipping 0.6%.

  • 10:03:18
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    Japan imported 14.76 Mt of coal in Aug, a 14.3% decrease YoY, showed the preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance on Sep 20. The import value was 438.47 billion yen ($2.97 billion), falling 48.6% YoY.

  • 08:54:36
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    Australia's coal exports were worth A$7.39 bln in Jul, falling 16.76% MoM and 35.94% YoY, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

  • Tuesday September 19,2023
  • 17:29:01
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    India's power producers imported 4.35 Mt of thermal coal in Aug, falling 23.43% from 5.69 Mt YoY but rising 19.68% from 3.64 Mt MoM, showed data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

  • 15:25:25
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    China is taking substantial steps to bolster safety production in its coal mining industry. The nation's mining sector is poised for enhanced scrutiny and a more stringent regulatory environment, emphasizing the priority of safeguarding the well-being of miners and the prevention of major mining accidents.

  • 11:30:45
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    Mongolia's coal shipment through railway was registered at 840.3 Kt in Aug, up 19.92% YoY and 15.39% MoM, snapping a six-month sequential decrease, showed data from Mongolian statistical authority.

  • 09:24:34
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    Central China's Hunan province consumed 154.47 TWh of electricity in the first eight months of 2023, rising 1.1% YoY, showed data from the provincial statistics bureau on Sep 18. Of this, electricity consumption in the industrial sector was 73.56 TWh, up 1.1% YoY, and manufacturing sector used 48.55 TWh, up 1.4% YoY.

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