• Wednesday September 22,2021
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    After clearing 98 trucks of Mongolian coal on Sep 20, Gaoqimaodu border was closed for Mid-Autumn Festival on Sep 21. Transactions were sparse amid wait-and-see stance of downstream buyers due to high coal prices. Under uncertainty caused by lingering pandemic, prices of imported Mongolian coal are expected to keep high, according to Sxcoal.

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    Canada's production of iron ore concentrate fell 5.9% MoM and tumbled 20.7% YoY to 4.0 Mt, and sales increased 15.8% MoM but dropped 52.2% YoY to 2.28 Mt in July, according to statistics data.

  • 17:12:23
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    Brazil's crude steel production rose 14.1% YoY to 3.1 Mt in Aug, according to data from the Brazilian Steel Association (IABR).

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    China's imports of thermal coal, lignite and coking coal accounted for 43.1%, 36.8% and 16.7% respectively in total imports in Aug.

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    China's anthracite imports came in at 0.97 Mt in Aug, up 79.6% YoY and 22.78% MoM. Anthracite imports totaled 6.09 Mt in Jan-Aug, up 27.4% on yr, GAC data showed.

  • 14:24:03
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    China imported 4.68 Mt of coking coal in Aug, down 34.7% YoY but up 24.14% MoM. Jan-Aug coking coal imports totaled 30.74 Mt, down 41.6% on yr, GAC data showed on Sep 22.

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    China's National Development and Reform Commission adjusted down requirement of coal stocks at power plants to 7-12 days' of use in peak demand season, with stocks no more than 12 days but meanwhile no less than 7days. The adjustment have significant impact on stability of coal prices, security of energy supply and activating coal stocks at nationwide power plants.

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    China's National Development and Reform Commission will work with local economic departments, coal miners and major power plants in Northeast China to sign coal supply supplemental contracts so as to put entire coal consumption in the region under the long-term contract mechanism. As such coal burns for winter heating and power supply in northeast region will be guaranteed.

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    Vietnam's coal imports declined 18% YoY to 3.8 Mt in August, with 1.86 Mt from Indonesia, surging 2.3 times YoY, 1.49 Mt from Australia, down 25.5% YoY and 187,000 t from Russia, down 80% YoY.

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    India's Adani Group said it will pump $20 bln into renewable energy projects development in the next 10 years and strive to reach zero-emission in its harbor service by 2025.

  • Saturday September 18,2021
  • 16:49:23
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    Coal production capacity of Bojiang Haizi coal mine in Ordos of Inner Mongolia was lifted to 6 Mtpa from 3 Mtpa, which was invested and constructed by Huaihe Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. This added total production capacity of Anhui government-run coal producers in other provinces to 34 Mtpa, further strengthening its coal supply capacity.

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    Japan's Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd said it will hold prices of steel products steady in October for better acceptance of prices rises in recent months. Price of H-shaped steel would stabilize 106,000 yen/t ($965/t) and price of hot-rolled steel would stay at 110,000 yen/t in October.

  • 15:38:30
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    Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co., Ltd said its Talahao coal mine had been included into the national key mines for ensuring coal supply. It is able to produce 10 Mt of coal annually, and its production capacity can be approved to be lifted to 10 Mtpa for recent production from current 6 Mtpa.

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    Thermal coal traders become active in selling goods to cash in on profit and reduce risks under high prices. Price growth has narrowed and transactions concluded have slowed down slightly in portside market. The focus lies in the implementation strength of energy control policies.    

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    Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan's largest EAF steel producer, announced its steel prices will keep unchanged at 106,000 yen/t (6,233 yuan/t) for H-shaped steel and at 110,000 yen/t for hot-rolled coils in October to ensure that price growths in recent months can be digested by the market.

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