• Friday September 23,2022
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    Tashan Mine, a major coal mine under Jinneng Holding Shanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd. was approved to resume production on Sep 23 after about one week of suspension from Sep 16 due to safety accident with one worker dead.  

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    China's State Council meeting on Sep 21 stressed to provide policy support to transportation and logistics sector, proposing to cut the toll charge on trucks by 10% and reduce port charges on government-priced goods by 20% in the fourth quarter. The 100 billion yuan of special logistics loans will be released to ease burdens on transport companies and drivers.

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    Guangxi development and reform department set a reasonable range of long-term thermal coal contract prices ex-mine basis at 270-420 yuan/t (3,000 kcal, VAT incl.), and the price ceiling of spot trade must not exceed 150% of the upper limit of long-term contract prices.

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    In 2021, the actual consumption of power generated by renewable energy hit 2,444.6 TWh in China, accounting for 29.4% of the total power use, the share ticking up 0.6 percentage points YoY; that excluding hydropower reached 1,139.8 TWh, accounting for 13.7%, the share growing 2.3 percentage points YoY, according to a report released by the National Energy Administration.

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    The water level of a representative station of Poyang Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in China with high water level of 20 m, fell to 7.10 m at 6 am on Sep 23, the lowest level in record for the lake, CNR News reported. Yet, it is forecast to drop further due to little rainfall in Jiangxi province in the near future.

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    China's economic planner announced the share of clean energy consumption reached 25.5% in 2021, up 11 percentage points than 2012; that of coal consumption dropped 12.5 percentage points from 2012 to 56%; the installed capacity of wind power surged by about 12 times compared with 2012, and power generated by new energy exceeded 1 trillion KWh mark for the first time. The installed capacity of renewable energy has overtaken 1.1 TW, with that of hydropower, wind power, solar power and biomass power all ranking first in the world.

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    Henan Bureau of the National Mine Safety Administration has organized 17 work teams to carry out inspections on all 119 key coal mines with coal and gas outburst, rock burst risk, complex and highly-complex hydrogeological condition from Sep 1.

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    India's thermal coal imports from Russia are expected to fall 30% MoM to 1.4 Mt in Sep, the first decline in four months, Indian consultancy Coalmint said in a report.

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    Shanxi has accelerated the industrial transformation and tried to build a modern industrial system in recent years, raising the share of advanced coal capacity, steelmaking capacity and coking capacity to 75%, 47% and 64.5% respectively, to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries.

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    Jiangsu Bureau under the National Mine Safety Administration issued a notice on strengthening safety inspections at local coal mines and preventing mine accidents for the 20th National Congress to be held on Oct 16. Comprehensive safety supervisions were launched on mines in Zhejiang's Shaoxing and Jinhua from September 13 to 16.

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    Power generators in Shaanxi province were asked to build power coal stocks up to more than 20 days' worth of consumption before the 20th National Congress of CPC, and strictly comply with the bottom line of 15 days' stocks, according to a notice issued by the provincial planning agency.

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    Russia plans to boost rail coal exports to China through already started work of lengthening two existing and building two additional tracks at Grodekovo-Suifenhe border crossing, which will lift annual handling capacity to 17.7 Mt by 2024 from 11.2 Mt.

  • Thursday September 22,2022
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    China's Daqin railway will conduct a 25-day maintenance over Sep 28-Oct 22, days earlier than previous plan, according to market sources. Based on the experience in previous yrs, daily coal shipment will be 0.97-1.05 Mt during the maintenance with 4 hours out of service per day, falling 0.15 Mt from normal level. Total coal delivery is expected to decline 3.7-5.0 Mt during autumn maintenance this year.

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    Inspectors from the National Mine Safety Administration will conduct safety inspection over coal mines in Jinzhong, Xinzhou and Linfen in Shanxi province over Sep 16-23, part of the efforts to ensure safety during the 20th national party congress. 

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    Northeastern China's Heilongjiang province had stocked 6.04 Mt of coal as of Sep 14, completing 44.8% of the planned volume during the winter heating season, according to local media report.

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