• Friday September 30,2022
  • 15:20:28
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    NW China's Ningxia autonomous region produced 62.82 Mt of coal from Jan to Aug, up 10.8% YoY, with the growth down 1.1 pps from the first seven months, local economic planner said.

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    Major power plants in central China's Hubei province consumed 7.27 Mt in Aug, surging 76.4% or 3.15 Mt YoY, showed data from the local development and reform commission.

  • 11:04:19
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    China-Mongolia road border crossings will be closed during China's National Day holiday. Zamyn-Uud – Erenhot border and Gashuunsukhait-Ganqimaodu border port will suspend operation over Oct 1-3, and resume service from Oct 4.

  • 09:11:39
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    Inner Mongolia decided to set up 7 groups for safety review from Sep till end of this year, to spot safety hazards and prevent mine accidents, said a notice issued by Inner Mongolian branch of the National Mine Safety Administration on Sep 28.

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    Power consumption in Jiangsu increased 15.79% YoY to 80.05 TWh in Aug. The consumption in Jan-Aug rose 4.35% to 498.8 TWh. The highest power load since this year increased 5.37% to 126.88 GW, according to local official data.

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    CR Shenyang Group had delivered 20.84 Mt of power coal since special action of supply guarantee started on Jun 20 till Sep 20, up 8.9% YoY. This boosted coal stocks at 58 key power plants to jump 230.1% YoY to 9.77 Mt, enough for 46 days of use, up by 34 days YoY, state media reported.

  • Thursday September 29,2022
  • 16:46:22
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    China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region aims to lower the energy consumption per GDP down by 13% from 2020 level, according to the energy saving action plan for the 14th-Five Year Plan period issued on Sep 23.

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    Haoji Railway, China's longest heavy-haul coal artery, saw its cumulative shipments come in at 152 Mt as of Sep27, marking it 3-yr anniversary since Sep 28, 2019.

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    CR Harbin Group delivered 18.86 Mt of power coal since special action of supply guarantee started on Jun 20 till Sep 27, up 27.6% YoY. Daily coal loading rose 27.1% YoY to 2,869 wagons. This boosted coal stocks up by 85.9% YoY at 34 power plants directly supplied via railway in its jurisdiction, state media reported.

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    Shanxi had a total 890 coal mines by end-2021, falling 16.98% from end-2012. Coal production capacity increased 2.48% from end-2012 to 1.36 Btpa. The average capacity of each single mine was 1.54 Mtpa (+23.38% from end-2012), and mines with capacity of above 1.2 Mtpa taking 71.48% of Shanxi's total capacity, up from a 60.7% share in end-2012, according to a press conference on Sep 28.

  • Wednesday September 28,2022
  • 14:21:28
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    S China's Guangzhou city aims to increase local installed capacity of major power sources to 17.25 GW and electricity self-sufficiency rate to 60% by 2025, and boost value of energy-related industries to more than 400 billion yuan, according to a development plan for the 14th FYP period issued by the Guangzhou government.

  • 14:06:20
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    Inner Mongolia has noded to extend trial run of two coal mines – Baijialiang and Changcheng No. 5 mine – to Oct 20-Apr 19, 2023 and Sep 27-Mar 26, 2023, respectively, according to local official documents. This is expected to further boost coal production from Inner Mongolia.

  • 10:58:37
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    Northern China's Hebei province plans to launch a wide and strict safety review in coal industry, in order to stifle any safety hazard before the 20th National Congress of CPC. All coal mines will undergo the inspection from Sep 19 till the end-2022, with mines likely face suspension for rule violations or even closure.

  • 10:25:48
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    Mongolian coal shipment to Ganqimaodu border crossing had recovered to 691 trucks on Sep 27, a normal and high level after slumping around 50% DoD to 365 trucks on Sep 26, which has stirred speculations on the reason. But sources revealed it was partly due to lack of customs staff for a temporary epidemic lockdown in Linhe from morning of Sep 25.

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    Russian Railways (RZD) said it will offer a 20.7% discount for all containers at any of the rail stations on its Far East rail lines by end of this year, in a bid to boost eastward cargo shipments.

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