Conventional Services

Our highly customized services usually fall into categories listed below

Resource and Market Study

- Coal mine field trip and value evaluation - Due diligence investigation of coal/coking enterprises - Raw materials survey and optimal option for coal users - Market study and target customer selection for coal/coke - Supply-demand study and market forecast for various coal

Coal Pricing, Forecasting and Early-warning

- Value comparison and pricing of domestic and foreign coal brands - Coal products pricing and adjustment - Price forecast and early-warning - Premium/penalty standards for coal products of varied origins - Coal market consulting

Supply Chain Optimization and Management

- Corporate informatization and digital management system development - Business structure and system optimization for production enterprises - Enterprise overall competitiveness evaluation and optimization - Enterprise technicians and managers competence assessment - Management consulting

Raw Materials and Products Optimization

- Coal product value exploration and product design - Raw materials structure evaluation and optimization - Big data-based coal blending and cost-cut services for coking plants - Coke hot/cold strength prediction and optimization - Recommendation for special resources

Consultant Profiles

Credible consultants, credit-worthy services

Gao Yingjie Over 6 years experience in coal/coke market consulting
Li Ting Over 10 years experience in macro-economy and industry policy study
Chen Liang Over 4 years experience in mines operation and supply chain study
  • Gao Yingjie
  • Li Ting
  • Chen Liang

Mr. Gao is a senior consultant with Fenwei. Since joining Fenwei in early 2014, Mr. Gao has been in charge of or participated in projects engaged by either domestic or international customers.He has deep understanding of the coking coal and coke industries and the Mongolian coal industry.

Part of the projects he participated include the evaluation of development prospect of Shanxi Daning mining area,marketing study of Shenmu Huisen Liangshuijing Mining Co., Ltd., Mongolian coal production and export study, technical service for transformation of met coke to foundry coke.

Before joining Fenwei, Mr. Gao worked in the coal/coke market consultancy in a small energy consulting firm for almost four years.

Mr. Li is a consultant with Fenwei. Since joining the company in May 2016, Mr. Li has been actively studying China's coal demand and import, development prospect of coal conversion projects in Shanxi, transition of Shanxi's coal industry and co-development of coal and power enterprises.

Being a registered economist, Mr. Li studies the Chinese coal industry from an economic perspective and makes price forecasts on a variety of coal products.

Before joining Fenwei, Mr. Li worked as an advisor in several policy-making institutions, with a focus on macro-economy and synergetic development of coal and power industries.

Mr. Chen is a consultant with Fenwei. Since joining Fenwei in early 2014, Mr. Chen has been in charge of or participated in projects engaged by either domestic or international customers.

Part of the projects he participated include the forecast of China's rail coal transportation, study of low-ash coal with low ash fusion point for gasification in western China,anthracite market study and price forecast for Yongcheng-based Xinqiao Mine,and study on long-flame coal supply-demand in northern Shanxi and price forecast.

Before joining in Fenwei, Mr. Chen worked on coal preparation plant construction projects for Taiyuan Coal Gasification Longquan Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Typical Cases

Expertise and dedication win us customer satisfaction and industry reputation

  • One Key State-owned Coal Mining Group

    Subscribing frontier information

  • Qinxin Group

    Ten years of profit record after adjusting products structure

  • Shouyang Xinzheng Coal Preparation Plant

    An inventory disposal notice saved Xinzheng from suffering losses

  • Mongolia Energy Corporation Limited (MEC)

    Target markets selection, new products and mine development and management plan

  • Asian American Gas, Inc.(AAGI)

    Consultancy services on coal mines investment in China

As one of our oldest and biggest customers, the company has been able to grasp the pulse of the domestic coal market and keep building up its say power and pricing power in the international market. Even under present market volatilities, it still realized maximal profit and is recognized as the top profit-maker among Chinese coal companies.

Besides its own vast and dedicated research organ, the achievements would be unlikely without cooperation with professional information and consultancy providers like us. As a premium CCR member, we have cooperated in aspects including:

(1) China thermal coal market monthly forecast;
(2) Thermal coal stocks monitoring system;
(3) Thermal coal price early-warning system (based on 26 parameters);
(4) Special topic projects cooperation.


Shanxi-based Qinxin Group is a world-known producer for sophisticated foundry coke and the largest foundry coke exporter in China.

But Qinxin was not that lucky in the past, since it used to producing superfine met coke with its own premium primary coking coal before 2007, yet it failed to make any profit although its met coke price was the highest among the Chinese coking plants. So Qinxin finally turned to us for help.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of Qinxin's primary coking coal quality, we found out that such coal was more appropriate for producing sophisticated foundry coke. So we decided to adjust Qinxin's products structure to help it out of the predicament:

(1)Re-designed feed coal mix, fine-tuned production process, sent technicians to guide and supervise the entire process, which raised average product price by more than 600 yuan/t;
(2)Formulated a foundry coke marketing program, and advised Qinxin to build a monthly price forecasting mechanism,seek advice on quarterly offering price and actively explore overseas market;
(3)Drew up a strategic development plan in which Fenwei encouraged Qinxin to build itself into a world-class foundry coal production base.

The above suggestions helped Qinxin successfully upgrade products and increase sales revenue by 500 yuan/t. To date, Qinxin has remained profitable and even secured a profit of over 80 yuan/t in 2014 when Shanxi's coking plants were stricken by widespread losses.


Shouyang Xinzheng Coal Preparation Plant is one of our premium members that has been benefiting from our monthly market forecast report and risk early warnings since 2015.

The CR Stock Index bounced back after falling to 61.22 points in June 2008, the lowest level since 2003, and meanwhile China's daily crude steel output started to decrease from early July. We predicted with the CR forecasting model that domestic coal prices could top out and start to drop fast in 40 to 50 days. We immediately notified members to stop restocking and dispose inventories as soon as possible.

And what followed backed up CCR's forecast. While coal mines nationwide restarted production after the Beijing Olympic Games, China's crude steel output registered first drop in July; the CR Stock Index climbed rapidly.

To avoid serious loss, we summoned a seminar, calling premium members to stop restocking and start clearing stocks:

(1) To send out all qualified washed coal at any cost;
(2) To sell out middlings and slurry to local users even at a lower price;
(3) To call off restocking and start raw coal preparation round the clock.

Xinzheng's last train of coal products started off at 10:00 am, September 10, and that afternoon Anshan Steel notified Xinzheng to stop shipment. In the next one month or so, China's coking coal prices dropped by one third, with the CR Price Index falling to 522.8 points by the end of the year, plunging 51.55% from the peak of 1,079 points at the start of the year. This was a heavy blow to most of Shanxi's coal preparation plants, but not Xinzheng, who remained profitable and basically recovered investment after offsetting previous deficits.




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Consulting services procedure

Our standard consulting services generally follow the procedure listed below.
We however, are always prepared to offer tailored services to meet your specific demand.

  • Preliminary communication

    - Understand customer demand and the background
    - Set up the project team
    - Prepare project proposal

  • Implementation

    - Field trips and data gathering
    - Analysis, conclusions and customer's feedback
    - Write the report

  • Delivery

    - Experts review and presentation
    - Revision (if necessary)
    - Submit the report and Excel data (if any)

Please contact us for further details about our consulting services.