Proprietary Data

China Production, Sales, Inventory, Price and Cost Dynamic Monitor by Fenwei Energy

Fenwei monitors representative coal mines and coking plants (66 thermal coal mines at 400 Mtpa, 53 Met coal mines at 301 Mtpa, and 60 coking plants at 110 Mtpa) in major production areas of Shanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Shandong. In-depth communication with production and sales staff allows us to create weekly/half-month reports on price, operating rate, output, inventory, production cost and sales of each sample mine/plant. We thus can make quantitative market research based on these key driving indicators.

Why you must get this proprietary data?

China's coal/coke market has become more complex since 2016 with series of polices rolling out under government intervention, making China's domestic supply the key driver for the market development. This timely China Thermal Coal/Met coal/Coke Production, Sales, Inventory and Cost Monitor dataset gives global coal producers, consumers, transporters and investors detailed data on China's key thermal coal mines that supply the coastal market. The dataset is in an easy-to-use Excel form, updated twice a month to help you better understand market dynamics and recognize emerging trade patterns:


  • Thermal Coal: each week    
  • Coking coal: each week    
  • Coke: each week    

Fenwei Energy has produced this exclusive dataset to help you make informed decisions in the strategic planning with greater confidence.

Take coking coal for example, we could clearly find out the co-relationship between the washed coal inventory and CCI – Anze primary coking coal prices as below.

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