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1 China met coke prices seem to regain strength on production curbs, surging coking coal 2021-07-28

Chinese metallurgical coke producers appeared to regain some pricing power, as intensified environmental checks raised concerns of drop in supply, while continuous coking coal price rallies eroded cok

2 Typhoon In-fa impacts China thermal coal market 2021-07-28

The super Typhoon In-fa has substantially impacted seaborne and road coal shipment and buying activity in China's thermal coal market. The typhoon landed in the Putuo district of Zhoushan

3 China Coal Daily Track (Jul 28) 2021-07-28

Thermal coal Production area Thermal coal supply was still in tightness at production regions, as some coal mines in Ordos of Inner Mongolia halted production due to the exhausted coal sales qu

4 Seaborne thermal coal prices remain high 2021-07-28

Seaborne thermal coal market moved up further last week, supported by strong demand and supply constraints faced by the world's major producing countries. As of July 23, thermal coal pric

5 CEC revises up 2021 power use growth again to 10-11% for two reasons 2021-07-28

China Electricity Council (CEC) revised up electricity consumption growth prediction for 2021 for the second time this year to 10-11%, it said in a half-year forecast report released on July 23.

6 High coal prices benefit miners while weakening gains for power utilities 2021-07-28

Thermal coal price rallies in China have deepened divergent fates of coal and power producers in the first half of 2021, with the former reaping a big profit while the latter suffering a slump of gain

7 Henan's energy regulatory office works to boost thermal coal supply 2021-07-28

The Henan Energy Regulatory Office, the local branch of the National Energy Administration, has spared no efforts to boost coal supply to local power plants, in a bid to expedite the recovery of power

8 China thermal coal market in figures (Jul 28) 2021-07-28

China thermal coal market key figures in focus. The latest data for thermal coal prices, stocks, shipments in major production areas, transfer ports and most followed downstream sector data.

9 China met coal market in figures (Jul 28) 2021-07-28

China coking coal, met coke and steel market key figures in focus.

10 U.S. Jun steel imports up 14.8% MoM 2021-07-28

The U.S. imported 2.90 million short tons (2.63 million tonnes) of steel in June, rising 14.8% month on month, according to a report compiled by American Iron and Steel Institute based on preliminary

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1 China H1 thermal coal imports fall 21.27% on yr, lignite down 6%, GAC 2021-07-21

China's thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, but excluding lignite) imports fell 21.27% or 16.07 million tonnes year on year to 59.47 million tonnes in the first half of 2021, s

2 China H1 coking coal imports fall 41.6% on yr, GAC 2021-07-21

China's coking coal imports slumped 41.6% year on year to 22.28 million tonnes in the first half of 2021, showed data from the General Administration of Customs on July 21. The imports va

3 China's daily electricity use jumps over 10% from last summer's peak 2021-07-19

China's daily electricity consumption created a new record of 27.19 TWh on July 14, surging more than 10% from the peak level of last summer and adding more pressure on power and coal supply.

4 China to add over 200 Mtpa advanced coal capacity this year, NDRC 2021-07-19

China will increase more than 200 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of advanced coal production capacity in this year, as part of efforts to strengthen coal supply and better respond to surging demand i

5 China's NDRC urges utilities to ensure at least 7-day coal stockpiles 2021-07-19

China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planning agency, set a deadline for utilities to lift their coal stockpiles to more than seven days of use, accord

6 China's coal-fired power capacity rises 4.1% on yr by end-Jun 2021-07-20

China's power generating capacity reached 2.26 TW by the end of June, up 9.5% on the year, with coal-fired power capacity of 1.27 TW accounting for 56.2% of the total, up 4.1% from the year prior, sho

7 Indonesia Jun coal exports down 2.46% MoM, but China intakes up 11.52% 2021-07-20

Indonesia exported a total 33.68 million tonnes of coal in June, rising 16.04% year on year but falling 2.46% month on month, according to cargo-tracking data from Kpler. Kpler's data sho

8 China thermal coal market in figures (Jul 23) 2021-07-23

China thermal coal market key figures in focus. The latest data for thermal coal prices, stocks, shipments in major production areas, transfer ports and most followed downstream sector data.

9 All coal mines of Shaanxi Coal should not arbitrarily raise pithead price from Jul 15 2021-07-20

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group required in a meeting on July 15 that all of its coal mines should not arbitrarily revise up sales price at pit heads from July 15, in response to the state ec

10 China met coal market in figures (Jul 23) 2021-07-23

China coking coal, met coke and steel market key figures in focus.

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1 Indonesian coal producers worried about fulfilling output target amid virus spread 2021-07-13

Indonesian coal companies are concerned that soaring infections of COVID-19 would weigh on their output in the remaining months of 2021, a situation they are reluctant to face as they are trying to ma

2 Dilemma: Chinese coal-fired power plants and the 7-day-plus inventory mandate 2021-07-20

China's National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic planner, has ordered power plants to build their coal inventory to the equivalent of at least seven days of consumption b

3 China's NDRC issues fresh measures to rein in coal price rally, sources 2021-07-12

China's top economic planner introduced new measures to boost coal supply and prevent further rise in prices of thermal coal, which are now at multi-year highs, sources familiar with the matter said.

4 China's imports of U.S. met coal to hit wkly record amid thin Mongolian supplies 2021-07-16

Sustaining low import of coking coal from Mongolia amid high COVID-19 cases is diverting part of Chinese demand to the U.S., despite high prices. Kepler's cargo tracking data indicate a r

5 Qinhuangdao coal stocks fall below 4Mt on contract deliveries 2021-07-12

Coal stocks slumped below four million tonnes at Qinhuangdao port, a major thermal coal transfer hub in northern China, as long-term contract deliveries gained strength in the week ending on July 9.

6 China's coking coal transport constrained as heavy rains paralyze railways 2021-07-21

The unprecedented heavy rains that hit a wide range of areas in China, particularly Henan province in central China, have affected coking coal production and delivery in some areas, dragging down coal

7 China may have high appetite for premium coking coal imports amid coke capacity increment 2021-07-22

China is expected to remain a big purchaser for non-Australian premium coking coal in the second half of the year, as domestic supply is unlikely to meet expanding demand for high-grade coal, even as

8 Indonesian thermal coal prices unchanged; Chinese buying improves 2021-07-16

Indonesian thermal coal market was quiet on July 16 with prices mostly unchanged from a day earlier, although it showed sign of Chinese buying interest coming back after being muted for a couple of we

9 Chinese utilities may keep low-inventory strategy throughout summer 2021-07-14

Chinese utilities may go through this summer with low level of coal inventories, as current high coal prices have reduced them into losses. This strategy may discourage seaborne coal prices, which hav

10 Review of S Korea thermal coal imports in Jun 2021-07-15

South Korea's thermal coal imports registered strong month-on-month growth in June amid growing power demand as summer progressed. The country imported 7.08 million tonnes of thermal coal