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1 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 24) 2021-06-24

Thermal coal Production area Overall coal supply contracted as coal sales quotas are running out in Inner Mongolia toward the end of the month. There haven't been any notices for mine sus

2 German Apr hard coal imports down 40.92% on yr 2021-06-24

Germany hard coal imports increased 40.92% year on year to 2.35 million tonnes in April, the lowest level since October 2020, showed the preliminary data released by German Federal Statistical Office.

3 China Jan-May industrial sector power use gathers pace 2021-06-24

Power consumption in China's industrial sector climbed at a faster speed in January-May, signaling that industrial activities in the world's second-largest economy rebounded quickly. Tota

4 Hubei May power consumption up 11.1% on yr 2021-06-24

Central China's Hubei province consumed 19.17 TWh of electricity in May, up 11.1% year on year, showed data from the provincial development and reform commission on June 24. The res

5 Inner Mongolian coal base finds new course to N China ports 2021-06-24

A train loaded with 3,322 tonnes of coal in 50 wagons departed from Duolun, Xilingol of Inner Mongolia was discharged at railway station of Jingtang port in Hebei, marking another join-up of main rail

6 China's major steel mills ramp up output in mid-Jun 2021-06-24

China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) member mills raised crude steel output to the second highest in mid-June with the growth accelerating slightly from early June, the association data showed.

7 Coal throughput at QHD, Shenhua huanghua port slides 7.8% on yr in mid-Jun 2021-06-24

Coal throughput at Qinhuangdao and Shenhua Huanghua port in mid-June declined 7.8% year on year, showed data from China Port Association. Subdued railing inflow led to low coal stocks at

8 China's finished steel stocks gain 3.8% in mid-Jun, CISA 2021-06-24

Inventory of five major steel products at China's 20 cities climbed 3.8% from ten days ago to 11.22 million tonnes on June 20, according to data from China Iron and Steel Association (CISA), marking t

9 China met coal market in figures (Jun 24) 2021-06-24

China coking coal, met coke and steel market key figures in focus.

10 Indian power utilities' thermal coal imports down 13.86% on mth in May 2021-06-24

Indian power generators imported 3.68 million tonnes of thermal coal in May, down 22.52% from 4.75 million tonnes a year ago and falling 13.86% from a six-month high of 4.28 million tonnes in May, sho

Most Read Articles

1 Mongolia losing dominant role for China's met coal market 2021-06-18

Mongolia, a landlocked country neighboring China, seems losing its dominant supplier role for China's metallurgical coal market due to untamed COVID-19 pandemic since last year and particularly quick

2 Soaring shipping rates may dent China's appetites for Indonesian thermal coal 2021-06-18

Fast climbing Supramax and Panamax freight rates for thermal coal vessels from Indonesia to China reflected strong buying in recent days, but may deter trading activity in the days ahead.

3 China's pricier met coal may divert buyers to seaborne imports 2021-06-22

Sharp rises of Chinese domestic metallurgical coal prices are likely to turn end users to seaborne imported cargoes again following the material's altering price edge. Primary coking coal

4 Japan May thermal coal imports up 12.2% YoY, preliminary data 2021-06-18

Japan imported 8.05 million tonnes of thermal coal in May, up 12.21% from a year ago, showed preliminary data from Japan's Ministry of Finance. The thermal coal imports value reached 91.6

5 China met coal market in figures (Jun 18) 2021-06-18

China coking coal, met coke and steel market key figures in focus.

6 Bullish fundamentals drive Indonesian thermal coal prices higher 2021-06-21

Indonesian thermal coal prices have increased further in recent days, as demand from China remained strong while supply from the southeastern country was challenged despite ebbing rain in some key pro

7 Review of Russia thermal coal exports in Apr 2021 2021-06-18

Russia's thermal coal export logged a marked decline in April compared with a two-year high in March despite strong demand from Asian countries. It, however, still presented a year-on-year jump of nea

8 China's met coke prices temporarily supported, but under downside risk in H2 2021-06-18

China's metallurgical coke prices are temporarily supported by tightening supply and rebounding prices of coking coal due to intensified safety checks and import constraints, but are likely to face do

9 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 18) 2021-06-18

Thermal coal Production area Coal prices in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia continued to move up. Yulin and Shenmu of Shaanxi province loosened price control, and coal prices at some local pr

10 China's coking coal imports slump 28.7% YoY 2021-06-21

China logged a sharp 28.7% year-on-year decline in coking coal imports in May, mainly due to a drastic drop in shipments from Mongolia amid outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued ban on Austr