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  • Thursday June 08,2023
  • 10:58:35Coal  
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    Guoneng Huanghua port saw its accumulative coal unloading volume reach 82.95 Mt and coal loading 84.14 Mt during Jan-May, both hitting the highest among other ports in China, according to a local media.

  • Wednesday June 07,2023
  • 15:21:28Coal  
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    Coal imports through India's 12 state-run ports imported a total of 17.48 Mt of coal in May, jumping 25.22% YoY and up 5.99% MoM, data from the India Ports Association showed.

  • 14:45:45Steel  
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    China exported 36.67 Mt of steel products during Jan-May, surging 40.9% YoY, according to data released by GAC on Jun 7.

  • 14:38:26Steel  
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    China's steel products imports were registered at 3.13 Mt during Jan-May 2023, a YoY slump of 37.1%, according to the data released by GAC on Jun 7.

  • 14:31:19Macro  
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    According to customs data released on Jun 7, China's imports and exports in Jan-May reached 16.77t yuan, up 4.7% YoY. Exports stood at 9.62t yuan, up 8.1%, while imports reached 7.15t yuan, up 0.5%, resulting in a trade surplus of 2.47t yuan, up 38%. In USD terms, the total trade volume amounted to $2.44t, down 2.8%, with exports at $1.4t, up 0.3%, and imports at $1.04t, down 6.7%. The trade surplus expanded by 27.8% to $359.48b.

  • 14:20:06Macro  
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    Trades between China and Russia jumped 40.7% YoY to $93.81b in Jan-May, Chinese customs data showed. China's exports to Russia were $42.95b, up 75.6%, while China's imports from Russia were $50.86b, up 20.4%.

  • 14:11:26Coal  
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    China imported a total of 39.58 million tonnes of coal in May, rising 92.63% or 19.04 million tonnes on the year but retreating 2.68% or 1.09 million tonnes compared with the previous month, according to the General Administration of Customs (GAC).

  • 11:27:37Coal  
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    China imported a total 182 Mt of coal from Jan to May, jumping 89.6% YoY, with average import price down 14.9% to 877 yuan/t, showed data from GAC.

  • 10:38:45Power  
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    Extreme heatwaves have swept across Vietnam, causing a power crisis in the country and impacting several industrial parks. The scorching weather has overloaded the power supply system, leading to power outages in industrial parks in northern provinces. Manufacturers such as Canon, Foxconn, and Samsung have factories in these regions. For these factories, power outages mean production stoppages.

  • 10:35:03Macro  
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    The Baltic Dry Index rose by 77 points or 8.2% to 1,016 points on Jun 6, marking the largest single-day increase since March 14. The capesize index jumped 205 points or 17.4% to 1,383, its biggest rise in over three months.

  • 09:25:48Macro  
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    According to data from the China Foreign Exchange Trade System, on June 6, the central parity rate of the Chinese yuan against the US dollar was set at 7.1075, depreciating by 171 basis points compared to the previous day, reaching a new low since Oct 10, 2022.

  • 09:23:56Coal  
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    Russia's Mechel reported its raw coal output at 2.11Mt in Q1 2023, down 25% YoY and 16% QoQ. Sales of washed coking coal were at 553 Kt, down 35% YoY and 34% MoM.

  • Tuesday June 06,2023
  • 11:14:26Coal  
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    On June 5, the price of Newcastle thermal coal futures for July delivery on the ICE experienced a significant rebound of 7.16%, reaching $143.75/t. This increase continued the positive trend that began late last week, resulting in a total rise of 9.9%. Several factors contributed to this upward movement, including the news that South and Southeastern countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam were grappling with an energy crisis caused by extremely hot weather. Additionally, the recent stabilization of natural gas and oil prices also played a role in driving the increase in coal prices.

  • 09:38:03Steel  
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    Daily crude steel output at key member firms of China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) stood at 2.1 million tonnes during May 21-31, down 6.68% compared with the previous ten days, the CISA data showed.

  • 09:29:39Coal  Logistics  
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    The Baltic Dry Index, which measures dry bulk shipping rates, rose on June 5, marking its first increase in 17 trading days. The index climbed by 20 points, or 2.2%, to reach 939 points.

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