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  • Friday April 16,2021
  • 14:27:07Coke  
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    China produced 39.79 Mt of coke in Mar, up 4.7% YoY and 4.44% compared with 2019. China's coke output totaled 118.97 Mt during Jan-Mar, rising 8.6% YoY, NBS data showed.

  • 14:15:25Steel  
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    China produced 271 million tonnes of crude steel in first quarter of the year, up 15.6% year on year, according to data showed by National Bureau of Statistics on April 16.

  • 11:10:26Coal  
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    China's raw coal production dipped 0.2% year on year to 340.76 million tonnes in March, but up 9.4% from March 2019, showed data from National Statistical Bureau on April 16. The Q1 production increased 16% on the year to 970.56 million tonnes.

  • 08:56:54Logistics  
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    After the official opening of the Liangshan port of Jining in eastern China's Shandong province, coal delivered from Shanxi through Watang-Rizhao (Wari) railway can be transported to southern China via Liangshan port-Grand Canal, with coal freight rate declining to 180 yuan/t from previous 240 yuan/t, China News reported.

  • Thursday April 15,2021
  • 15:55:04Others  
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    Driven by growth of coal, gold and nickel output, Colombia's mineral output is expected to increase 5% year on year in 2021, and foreign direct investment is expected to triple to $2.7 billion, stated the Colombian Mining Association.

  • 11:06:07Coke  
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    Chinese coke futures hit a near six-week high on Apr 14 on spot coke prices hike and upbeat coking coal prices supported by safety checks. The most-traded coke futures on the Dalian Commodity Exchange, for May delivery, closed 2.4% higher at 2,475 yuan/t.

  • 10:12:34Power  
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    SDIC Power Holdings generated 31.69 TWh of electricity in Q1, up 12.49% YoY. Thermal power rose 27.32% to 13.3 TWh; Hydropower generation was 16.71 TWh, a 0.15% decrease;  Wind power generation rose 88.59% to 1.29 TWh; Solar power ascended 27.74% to 379 GWh.

  • 09:06:28Power  
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    China consumed 663.1 TWh of power in Mar, rising 19.4% YoY, NEA data showed. Power usage of primary (agriculture), secondary (industrial) and tertiary (service) industries stood at 6.8 TWh, 461.5 TWh and 101.8 TWh, up 26.5%, 21.2% and 42.9% YoY.

  • 08:53:33Steel  
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    Seaborne iron ore exports from India, the world's fourth-largest producer, rose to a monthly record of 6.6 Mt in Mar, according to Braemar ACM. About 5.1 Mt were destined and unloaded at Chinese ports, also a monthly record, as China seeks to diversify its raw material purchases.

  • Wednesday April 14,2021
  • 14:43:06Coal  
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    Energy Resources (fully-owned subsidiary of Mongolian Mining Corporation) and CHN Energy Coal Coking have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture company on coal storage at China's largest border crossing for importing Mongolian coal. The JV company will own and operate Chiheng enclosed warehouse facility for coal storage and handling customs bonded stockyard located at the Ganqimaodu.

  • 14:41:18Coal  
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    Mongolian Mining Corporation, the largest producer and exporter of hard coking coal in the landlocked country, sold 580,800 t of washed coking coal in Q1, slumping 39% QoQ and dipping 4% YoY.

  • 13:50:53Others  
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    Japanese Kyodo News reported that the Japanese government decided to discharge the waste water from Fukushima nuclear power station into the sea. It required Tokyo Electric Power Company to make preparations in two years. According to the basic principles determined, the processed waste water must be diluted with 100 times or more seawater before the discharge, and the tritium content should be reduced to about 1/40 of the national standard, equivalent to 1/7 of the drinking water quality criterion set by the World Health Organization.

  • 11:50:48Steel  
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    As of April 13, Shanghai 20mm rebar price reported 5,080 yuan/t, up 60 yuan/t over a day ago but down 10 yuan/t week on week; Shanghai 3.0mm hot-rolled coils price was 5,470 yuan/t, falling 10 yuan/t on the day and slumping 160 yuan/t on the week. China domestic steel prices have been running volatile at high levels recently.

  • 11:32:58Steel  
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    Japan's crude steel output is estimated to surge by 28% YoY to 23 Mt in April-June, according to a quarterly report from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

  • 11:26:25Power  
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    Thanks to the government's support, coal-fired power generation will remain the main driving force for investment growth in Indian power infrastructures in the next decade, Fitch Solutions predicted.

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