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  • Thursday March 30,2023
  • 15:16:33Coal  
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    India's coal minister Pralhad Joshi announced the country will begin exporting thermal coal by FY26 and stop imports of some grades, anticipating an increase in domestic production.

  • 12:01:16Gas  
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    The EU member states reached a political agreement on Mar 28, agreeing to extend the voluntary 15% gas demand reduction for one year. Under the terms, the EU Council retained the possibility of mandatorily requiring member states to reduce gas demand in the event of supply security problems. From Aug 2022 to Jan 2023, total EU gas consumption fell by 19.3%. Reducing gas demand could help replenish stocks, lower prices and secure more energy supplies.

  • 12:01:04Coal  Logistics  
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    The Baltic Dry Index was slightly higher on Mar 29, driven by increased Capesize and Panamax rates. The Baltic Dry Index rose 5 points to 1,407. The Capesize index rose 16 points or 1% to 1,662. The Panamax Index rose 37 points or 2.4% to 1,598 points. The Supramax index fell 30 points to 1,285 points.

  • 11:52:09Coal  
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    Yitai Coal (03948) announced this morning that it achieved annual revenue of 60.647 billion yuan in 2022, up 19.68% YoY, and net profit attributable to shareholders of 10.975 billion yuan, up 26.98% YoY.

  • 11:42:00Coal  
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    Peabody Energy Corp., the top US coal producer, shut operations at Shoal Creek Mine in Alabama following a fire on Mar 29 with no estimate of when it will reopen.

  • 11:37:35Macro  
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    The Brazilian gov't said Mar 29 China and Brazil have reached an agreement to stop using the U.S. dollar as an intermediate currency and instead conduct trade in their own currencies. "This is expected to reduce costs ...... and promote bilateral trade and investment facilitation," Brazil's Export and Investment Promotion Agency said in a statement. China is Brazil's largest trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching a record $150.5 billion last year.

  • 11:37:21Coal  
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    On Mar 28, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Natural Resources Department and Ordos City Natural Resources Bureau issued a mining license for Taohutu coal mine run by Ordos Chengda Mining Co. The coal mine covers an area of 71.35 km2, with approved capacity of 8 Mtpa on top of total resource reserves of 1.43 Bt. The mine can provide 22,000 t of high-quality production per day upon stable operation.

  • 08:19:19Coal  
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    Vietnam produced 3.84 Mt of coal in Feb, up 22.41% YoY and 18.51% MoM, showed data from the country's General Statistics Office.

  • Monday March 27,2023
  • 13:53:54Coal  
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    Yankuang Energy Group earned 30.77 billion yuan ($4.47 billion) of net profit in 2022, surging 89.27% YoY, and its operation revenue increased 32.13% YoY to 200.83 billion yuan, according to the company's annual performance report on Mar 24.

  • 13:50:29Coke  
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    Shanxi Coking Coal's 0.6 Mtpa coke oven with chamber height at 5.5 meters is ordered to be closed by Mar-end this year, and its existing coal storage and blending equipment as well as dedicated railway links will be re-utilized to provide coal blend service and washed coal products to the customers.  

  • 09:01:51Coal  
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    The State Council Tariff Commission has announced that it will extend a zero import tariff rate on coal from Apr 1, 2023 until Dec 31, 2023, in order to ensure the secure and stable supply of the fossil fuel. Previously, the country had planned to resume a 3-6% tariff rate for imports of coal products from Apr 1.

  • Friday March 24,2023
  • 17:05:53Steel  
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    Steel products prices in China continued to move up in mid-Mar (Mar11-20). The average price of construction steel rebar (HRB 400, 20mm) at 25 major cities in China stood at 4,272.6 yuan/t, up 46.4 yuan/t or 1.1% from ten days earlier, NBS data showed.

  • 16:12:18Steel  
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    Global crude steel production fell 1% YoY to 142 Mt in Feb, showed data from WSA. In Feb, the top ten crude steel producers were China, India, Japan, the U.S., Russia, South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Iran and Turkey.

  • 16:05:52Steel  
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    Daily crude steel output at key member firms of China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) stood at 2.25 Mt during Mar 11-20, rising 4.71% compared with the previous ten days, the CISA data showed.

  • 11:15:28Steel  
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    For the week to Mar 24, the average cost of construction steel products produced by 40 independent electric arc furnace steel mills was 4,232 yuan/t, down 102 yuan/t week on week. The average profit was 56 yuan/t, while the profit averaged at 162 yuan/t during power valley demand periods, down 26 yuan/t week on week.

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