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  • Friday December 02,2022
  • 11:08:48Coal  
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    India targets to produced 1.5 Bt of coal by 2030 to meet growing domestic demand, Union Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines Minister Prahlad Joshi said at an investor conclave in Mumbai on Dec 1.

  • 09:12:18Coal  
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    By end-Nov, 363 power plants directly supplied by railway across the country had stored 75 Mt of power coal, a year-on-year rise of 9.2%, and the volume could cover 29.4 days' worth of usage, 3,8 days longer than the year-ago period, according to China News.

  • 09:10:17Coal  
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    China State Railway Group delivered 1.91 Bt of coal during Jan-Nov, up 8.1% YoY. Power coal shipments stood at 1.35 Bt, up 13.2% YoY, according to China News.

  • 08:56:47Coal  
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    During Jan-Nov, the coal transportation in China's four major production bases – Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang – increased 10.2% YoY.

  • 08:48:11Coal  
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    Coal exports at the Hampton Roads terminal in the state of Virginia of the US was 2.60 Mt in Oct 2022, down 6% YoY and 3% MoM and, marking the 3rd straight mth of decline. Total coal exports were 26.80 Mt during Jan-Oct, up 10% YoY, showed the latest data from Virginia Maritime Association.

  • Thursday December 01,2022
  • 14:33:57Coal  
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    Northeastern China's Jilin province targets to limit coal consumption at 90 Mt or below and coal outout by around 10 Mt by 2025, the local energy bureau stated in its 14th Five-Year Plan, in a move to reduce carbon emissions.

  • 13:58:14Coal  
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    Coal production in Russia's Kuzbass totaled 19 Mt in Oct, returning to the level of Jan-Mar despite a 12% fall YoY, data from Ministry of Coal Industry of Kuzbass showed. The output rose 2.7% from Sep's 18.5 Mt and 18.8% from lowest of this year in Jul. Oct's production included 6 Mt of met. coal, down 9.1% YoY and 13 Mt of thermal coal, down 13.3% YoY.

  • 13:03:54Gas  
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    European countries' total imports of Russian LNG from January to October this year increased 42% compared to the same period in 2021, TASS reports. Russia's LNG supplies to Europe reached a record 17.8 billion cubic meters in the first 10 months of 2022, the Financial Times reported.

  • 11:57:53Coal  
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    Indonesian coal miner PT Bumi Resources is eyeing a 10% increase in output to 80 Mt in 2023 amid expectations for more favorable weather conditions than this year, a company director said on Nov 29.

  • 11:20:46Coal  Power  
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    S China's Guangdong issued a notice on matters related to electricity market transactions in 2023, mentioning "the primary energy price pass-through mechanism" for the first time.

  • 09:02:44Coal  
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    Turkey imported 3.6 Mt of coal in Oct, jumping 81.88% or 1.98 Mt YoY but down 9.71% MoM, the country's trading statistics showed. Import amount in October surged 132.63% YoY but dropped 21.38% MoM to $756 million.

  • 09:00:53Coal  
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    Japan's Australian coal imports in Oct stood at 10.25 Mt, hitting the 3rd-highest this year only after 72% in Sep and 71% in Jan. Despite a sequential fall of 4.38%, the volume was still above 10 Mt for the 4th straight mth in Oct.

  • 08:35:11Coal  
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    Australia, Indonesia, the U.S., Canada and Russia were the top five coal suppliers to Japan in October, with share respectively at 70%, 16%, 5%, 4% and 3%, showed data from the Ministry of Finance of Japan.

  • Wednesday November 30,2022
  • 09:38:44Macro  
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    China's manufacturing PMI stood at 48 in Nov, down from Oct's 49.2, NBS data showed on Nov 30.

  • 09:15:47Coal  
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    The coal storage of major thermal power plants in SW China's Sichuan province had reached 5.98 Mt as of Nov 29, beating the scheduled target of 5.8 Mt by the end of the month. The inventory level means power supply of the major hydropower province will be ensured during the dry season of this winter and next spring over Dec 1-Apr 28, and coal-fired thermal power enterprises could realize peak power generation, Sichuan Daily reported.

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