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  • Monday November 29,2021
  • 17:29:36Coal  
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    Monthly coal imports of India's power plants was 2.85 Mt, far less than last-year average of 4.32 Mt, impacted by the surging prices of seaborne imports. Oct power coal imports was 1.82 Mt, slumping 60.7% YoY.

  • 17:24:58Coal  
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    By end-Oct, total installed power generating capacity of China's Qinghai province was 40.7 GW, of which 24.85 GW was renewables, taking up 61% of the total. The province maintained an average 32% of annual growth in renewable installed capacity during 13th FYP.

  • 17:20:06Coal  
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    Indian coal producer Coal India Limited supplied 292 Mt of coal to power plants during Apr-Oct of 2021, up 22.7% YoY. The company produces 80% of the country's total coal output, and it production target was 1 Bt for FY 2023-24.

  • 15:07:47Coal  
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    On Nov 29, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 2,803.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,820.0 yuan/t, down 4.07%; coking coal opened at 2,000.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,048.0 yuan/t, down 2.1%. Thermal coal slumped by 6.64% to 810.2 yuan/t at close, after opening at 824.8 yuan/t.

  • 14:25:12Coal  
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    Shanxi announced to allow all coal-fired electricity to trade in electricity market, under mechanism of "base price + floating range", with base power tariff of 0.3320 yuan/KWh and floating range not higher than 20% in principle. But spot electricity price will not comply with the above restriction of upward floating, and market trading price of energy-intensive firms will also not face the 20% floating limitation, according to a notice issued by Shanxi Development & Reform Commission.

  • 14:25:01Coal  
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    Coal mines in Shaanxi province were graded as A, B, C and D levels in terms of safety conditions. The coal province has 129 A-level coal mines with capacity of 379.16 Mtpa, 85 B-level mines (86 Mtpa), 67 C-level mines (209.24 Mtpa) and 89 D-level mines (72.95 Mtpa), according to a notice for 2022 coal mines category issued by Shaanxi branch of National Mine Safety Administration.

  • 11:34:24Coal  
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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Nov 29, Chinese coking coal futures fell 0.98%, coke fell 2.09%, thermal coal fell 4.68%, and iron ore increased 4.69%.

  • 11:16:07Coal  
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    China decided to suspend cargo import via railway at Erenhot border crossing adjoining Mongolia from 14:00 of Nov 28 to cut spread of COVID-19, involving cargoes of coal, copper, zinc, iron ore, paper pulp, fertilizer and non-metals not in containers, and cargoes that had entered discharging area before the time shall stop operating until further notice.

  • 10:04:39Coal  
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    This new wave of cold snap over Nov 29-30 will bring temperature drop and strong wind to most part of China, with accumulative temperature decline of 12  degrees Celsius. There will be rain or snow in northern China, and even heavy snowfall in Northeastern China, with blizzard expected to hit Heilongjiang, reported China Weather News.

  • 09:34:24Coal  
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    As of Nov 26, coal stocks of 363 power plants that are supplied through railways in China reached 65.66 Mt, a significant increase of 120.2% compared with late Sep. The stocks could able to cover 24.1 days of usage, up 10.1 days from late Sep. All the power plants have more than 12 days of coal stocks.

  • 09:19:04Coal  
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    China's power coal shipments via the state railways reached 118 Mt over Nov 1-26, surging 30.20 Mt or 34.6% YoY and marking the 12th time in the mth to set a new historical record. 

  • 08:58:57Coal  
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    The profit of coal mining and washing industry in China surged 210.2% YoY to 543.6 bln yuan ($85.02 bln) over Jan-Oct; revenue rose 52.7% and costs climbed 32.9% YoY, the NBS data showed.

  • Friday November 26,2021
  • 15:41:39Coke  Steel  
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    Major steel manufacturers in Shandong and Hebei announced to further cut coke purchase price by 200 yuan/t, effective at 0:00 Nov 26, marking the onset of the 8th round of price reduction, but many coke producers showed strong resistance given slightly improved sales and their deep losses.

  • 15:37:09Coal  
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    On Nov 26, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 3,044.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,857.0 yuan/t, down 5.76%; coking coal opened at 2,197.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,010.0 yuan/t, down 7.29%. Thermal coal slumped by 10.02% to 840.8 yuan/t at close, after opening at 912.8 yuan/t.

  • 15:13:30Coal  
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    As of November 20, Huanghua port owned by CHN Energy finished 831,000 t of vessels loading, surpassing its last record by 6.788 t and refreshing its daily loading record after 8 days.

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