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China's key steel mills daily output up 5.41pct in early June

2017-06-26 13:40:00 Price,  Production & Sales

Daily crude steel output of China's 101 key steel mills increased 5.41% from ten days ago to 1.86 million tonnes over June 1-10, acco...

Henan May power consumption up 7.44% YoY

2017-06-26 09:32:00 Production & Sales

Central China's Henan province consumed 2.48 GWh of electricity in May, up 7.44% year on year, showed data from showed data from the ...

Henan Jan-May power output up 3.7% YoY

2017-06-23 16:00:00 Production & Sales

Central China's Henan province generated 107.38 TWh of electricity in first five months this year, up 3.7% from the preceding year, s...

China May steel products sales up 6.65% YoY

2017-06-23 09:05:00 Production & Sales

Sales of steel products of China's key steel mills rose 6.65% from the preceding year to 51.18 million tonnes in May, showed data fro...

China Coal Energy May polyethylene output slumps 93.3pct YoY

2017-06-23 08:34:00 Company,  Production & Sales

China Coal Energy Co., Ltd, the listed arm of China National Coal Group, produced 2,000 tonnes of polyethylene in May, plummeting 93....

India's coal companies spending meets 52% of targeted expenditure

2017-06-22 17:05:00 Company,  Production & Sales,  International

Three state-run coal companies, Coal India Ltd (CIL), Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL) and NLC Ltd (formerly Neyveli Lignite C...

Yunnan expected to supply 120 TWh plus electricity to other provinces in 2017

2017-06-22 15:31:00 Production & Sales

Southwestern China's hydro-rich Yunnan province is expected to transmit over 120 TWh of electricity to other provinces in 2017, China...

World crude steel output at 143 mln T in May

2017-06-22 08:53:00 Production & Sales,  International

The 67 member countries of the World Steel Association produced 143.3 million tonnes of crude steel in May, rising 2% year on year, s...

Shaanxi May raw coal output gains 21.6pct on yr

2017-06-22 08:39:00 Production & Sales

Shaanxi province, one major production base in northwestern China, produced 44.13 million tonnes of raw coal in May, gaining 21.62% y...

China May methanol imports down 29.6pct on yr

2017-06-22 08:33:00 Production & Sales

China imported 653,000 tonnes of methanol in May, falling 29.6% year on year but up 17.9% month on month, showed official data. ...

China May methanol output up 6.3pct on yr

2017-06-22 08:31:00 Production & Sales

China produced 3.61 million tonnes of refined methanol in May, rising 6.3% year on year, showed official data. The May o...

China Coal Energy May coal output up 2.9pct on yr

2017-06-22 08:31:00 Production & Sales

China Coal Energy Co., Ltd, the listed arm of China National Coal Group, produced 6.76 million tonnes of commercial coal in May, incr...

Inner Mongolia Jan-Apr washed coking coal output down 12 pct

2017-06-21 14:43:00 Production & Sales

Inner Mongolia autonomous region produced 10.2 million tonnes of washed coking coal in the first four months this year, down 12.1% fr...

Jiangxi to eliminate 2.79 Mtpa coal capacity in 2017

2017-06-20 15:20:00 Production & Sales

Eastern China's Jiangxi province planned to eliminate 2.79 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of coal capacity by closing 52 coal mines ...

Shanxi Jan-May CBM output up 3.0% on yr

2017-06-20 14:05:00 Production & Sales,  Coal Gas

China's resource-rich province Shanxi extracted 1.8 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane (CBM) in the first five months, rising 3....

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1 Chinese govt measures may help ensure peak-season coal supply 2017-06-27

The Chinese government is expected to take a bunch of measures to guarantee coal supply to power plants and avoid drastic price increase in coming peak power demand during the hot summer.

2 Sales restrictions drive thermal coal prices further up in Inner Mongolia 2017-06-27

Thermal coal prices continued to move up in Inner Mongolia, one leading coal production base in northern China, as the local government kept a tight rein in sales quotas for coal mines in the context

3 Weekly China met. coke market analysis and forecast 2017-06-27

China's spot met. coke prices rebounded 30-80 yuan/t in major production bases last week. With abundant stocks and limited production, major steel mills in Shanxi, Hebei and Shandong responded mutedly

4 S Korea May thermal coal imports down 8.3pct on mth 2017-06-27

South Korea's thermal coal imports (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coals) reached 7.85 million tonnes in May, falling 8.34% from a month ago and the fifth consecutive month-on-month decline,

5 Views divided on China thermal coal market 2017-06-26

Market participants remained divided towards the future trend of thermal coal in China's domestic market with offer prices varying greatly from one another. Some traders were optimistic,

6 China plans to merger eight power giants into three 2017-06-26

China's government is looking to restructure its electric utilities. The plan calls for a merger of eight bodies ‒ five state-owned electric companies, two nuclear power operators and state-owned Chin

7 Hebei to extend coal overcapacity elimination to 11.87 Mtpa 2017-06-26

North China's Hebei province planned to phase out coal production capacity of 11.87 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) this year, said the provincial government in a notice recently. The new

8 China's key steel mills daily output up 5.41pct in early June 2017-06-26

Daily crude steel output of China's 101 key steel mills increased 5.41% from ten days ago to 1.86 million tonnes over June 1-10, according to data released by the China Iron and Association (CISA).

9 NDRC: resolutely curb too fast coal price rise 2017-06-26

China will resolutely curb too fast increase of coal prices, one official with China's state planner said at a meeting on June 25, regarding recent jump in prices of thermal coal used for power genera

10 China coal production areas still face rail bottleneck 2017-06-26

China's top three coal production bases of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi still face bottleneck in transporting coal through railways, unable to ship coal efficiently to energy-hungry southern and

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1 China allows coal mines to increase capacity amid price rally 2017-06-19

China will allow some coal mines to increase capacity, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on June 16, as Beijing ramps up efforts to boost supply for summer. Both

2 India assures domestic coal supplies for steel, cement companies 2017-06-19

India's Coal Ministry has offered assured domestic coal supplies to companies outside of their power generation industry as another step towards zero coal imports, Mining Weekly reported on June 17.

3 China's coal futures forward curve turns bullish as mercury rises 2017-06-19

China's thermal coal futures rallied to a record high on June 16, lifting September futures to a premium over October, as a prolonged hot spell spurred power demand and low water levels dented hopes o

4 Nippon Steel gives up coking coal pricing role as influence wanes 2017-06-20

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, Japan's top steelmaker, has given up its decades-old role in setting global coking coal prices because the rise of Chinese and Indian rivals has weakened its influen

5 Russia remains main coal supplier for Ukraine Jan-May 2017-06-20

Russia exported 777,500 tonnes of coal to Ukraine from January to May 2017, Ukraine's energy and coal industry ministry said on June 16. "996,800 tonnes of coal imported from different co

6 Shenhua, Guodian close to announce merger plan 2017-06-21

China's largest coal producer and the country's leading power generator are close to unveiling a merger plan, as listed units of the two announced suspension of trading for "unprecedented" asset trans

7 Coking coal trading around one-year low as price waves 2017-06-21

Coking coal prices are hovering around a year low, with the commodity erasing the gains that it experienced this year amid a major supply disruption, Economic Calendar reported on June 20.

8 Rio backs Yancoal over Glencore for Australia coal mines 2017-06-21

Rio Tinto on June 20 recommended China-backed Yancoal Australia as the buyer of most of its Australian coal mines, rebuffing a surprise higher bid from commodities giant Glencore earlier this month.

9 Heilongjiang to boost clean energy over next 4 yrs 2017-06-20

Heilongjiang, a major industrial province in northeastern China, will actively promote the development of clean energy to replace coal-fired plants over the next four years, said the local branch of t

10 US coal consumption in power sector to increase 3% on yr in 2017 2017-06-19

US electric power sector coal burn is expected to total 699 million short tons (640 million tonnes) in 2017, up 2.95% or 20 million short tons from 2016, assuming natural gas prices meet expectations,

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1 Chinese utilities' thermal coal demand yet to rise materially 2017-06-23

Prices of thermal coal rose markedly in China's main ports and production areas in recent weeks, mainly due to a lack of supply and speculative hoarding by traders. Demand from utilities did increased

2 An overview of China coal production in May 2017-06-19

China produced 297.78 million tonnes of raw coal in May, up 12.1% year on year, the biggest year-on-year rise since 2015, and up 1.1% from the previous month, showed data from the National Bureau of S

3 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 13) 2017-06-13

Thermal coal Domestic market Some miners in Yulin, Shaanxi reduced slack thermal coal prices by 5-10 yuan/t; coal prices were stable in northern Shanxi, while sales were flat in southern a

4 Shaanxi thermal coal prices rebound on improved demand 2017-06-23

Thermal coal prices bounced back in many areas of Shaanxi, as demand improved while supply tightened after production in Inner Mongolia dropped amid environmental check. Coal miners in Yu

5 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 19) 2017-06-19

Thermal coal Domestic market China's thermal coal market continued to strengthen. The mine-mouth prices climbed in Inner Mongolia, bolstered mainly by tightened supply as some coal mines

6 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 22) 2017-06-22

Thermal coal Domestic market Supply shortage in Inner Mongolia caused long queues of trucks waiting for loading at coal mines, supporting a 10 yuan/t rise there. Shaanxi miner

7 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 23) 2017-06-23

Thermal coal Domestic market Thermal coal prices continued to rise in Inner Mongolia, thanks to a lack of supply caused by sales control at local markets. This has led to an increase in co

8 Inner Mongolia thermal coal prices further rise on tight supply 2017-06-20

Thermal coal prices continued to edge up in Inner Mongolia amid limited supply, as the local government restricted coal production and sales to ensure safety at mines before the 70th anniversary celeb

9 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 15) 2017-06-15

Thermal coal Domestic market Impacted by coal sales restrictions and sound demand, trucks were lining up at mines in Inner Mongolia for coal loading, pumping up prices of slump and lump co

10 Shenhua to stop taking spot orders after Jun 20 on tight supply 2017-06-19

Market sources said coal giant Shenhua Group has notified it will not take any orders for spot thermal coal after June 20, and cargoes for loading prior to the date may also face delays, impacted main