China Coal Daily Track (Mar 24) Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal 2023-03-24 13:40:08

Thermal coal Production area Most miners maintained prices unchanged while a few made 5-20 yuan/t adjustments......

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1 High stockpiles drives down China's portside thermal coal prices 2023-05-29

China's portside thermal coal prices continued their downward trajectory at the start of the week, impacted by lackluster demand, stiff competition from imported coal, and the ongoing oversupply. Trad

2 Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast 2023-05-29

China's domestic thermal coal market witnessed an unexpected slump last week, as oversupply caused by influx of cheap imported coal exacerbated the downward pressure stemming from weak demand.

3 China coking coal auction settled lower on growing buying prudence 2023-05-29

China's coking coal market started the week with a slight drop in settlement prices for some online auctions conducted in major production areas, reflecting growing caution among coking plants in resp

4 Weekly: China's anthracite market generally stable 2023-05-29

China's anthracite prices changed little during the past week amid weak demand. Main anthracite miners have maintained high production since the production recovery in Shaanxi. Mine

5 China's Ganqimaodu's Mongolian coal imports exceed 12 Mt 2023-05-29

Ganqimaodu border port, the largest artery in China for importing coal from Mongolia, saw its coal intakes reach 12.09 million tonnes from the start of 2023 to May 25, according to the port's official

6 Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast 2023-05-29

China's coking coal market remained steady last week with miners generally turning prudent in raising prices following the continued decline in coke and steel prices as well as weakened buying appetit

7 Weekly China met. coke market analysis and forecast 2023-05-29

China's metallurgical coke market completed the ninth round of 50 yuan/t cuts, adding the total decline to 700-800 yuan/t since April. Coke demand remained weak after the reduction as steelmakers were

8 Weekly: China's PCI coal prices temporarily steady 2023-05-29

China's PCI coal prices stabilized but orders were still inactive last week, with major miners holding prices temporarily unchanged after consecutive price cuts and seeing thermal coal prices level of

9 China coastal coal freight rates in minor fluctuations amid limited demand 2023-05-29

Limited demand for vessels led to slight fluctuations in coal freight rates along China's coast last week, dashing hopes for a rebound in near days. The China Coastal Coal Freight Composi

10 China's coal mining and washing industry profit down 14.6% YoY in Jan-Apr 2023-05-29

China's coal mining and washing industry earned a total profit of 295.42 billion yuan (around $41.8 billion) in the first four months of this year, down 14.6% year on year, according to data from the

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1 Indonesian thermal coal prices continue to fall on abundant availability 2023-05-25

Indonesian thermal coal prices drifted lower on May 25 under the pressure of competition from other origins that offered alternatives to China, its major buyer. On May 25, Chinese traders

2 Review: China Apr thermal coal imports exceed 30 Mt, cumulative intakes at record high 2023-05-24

China's thermal coal imports surpassed 30 million tonnes again in April 2023 for the third time in history. The aggregate imports during the first four months exceeded 100 million tonnes, the highest

3 China's largest coal-fired power project fully comes online 2023-05-26

Shanghaimiao coal-fired power project, located in northern China's Inner Mongolia, was fully operational after the No.4 steam turbine wrapped up a 168-hour trail run, media reported. This

4 China-Kyrgyzstan coal trade takes off as Osh to Kashgar imports begin 2023-05-24

The first shipment of coal from Kyrgyzstan's Osh city arrived in border city Kashgar in northwestern China's Xinjiang on May 21. The shipment, consisting of four container trucks and two

5 China's portside thermal coal prices trend lower on multiple factors 2023-05-24

Spot thermal coal prices have witnessed a faster decline at northern China ports, impacted by multiple factors including elevated stocks, falling mine-mouth prices and influx of competitively-priced i

6 China's futures downturn fuels wait-and-see sentiment in spot coking coal market 2023-05-24

Prolonged declines in the China's coking coal futures added to the trading woe in the spot market with more buyers adopting a wait-and-see approach, sparking discussions for another round of price cut

7 China's met coke prices under pressure again despite eased inventory pressure 2023-05-25

China's metallurgical coke prices are facing renewed downside pressure as some steelmakers asked for further price cut just after coking plants saw a significant alleviation of inventory pressure.

8 Top 10 Chinese miners' coal output up 3.52% YoY in Jan-Mar 2023 2023-05-24

China's 10 largest coal mining groups (in terms of production) produced 778.5 million tonnes of raw coal during January-April 2023, rising 23.03 million tonnes or 3.05% year on year, according to stat

9 Review: China's Apr coal imports over 40 Mt with considerable YoY growth from major sources 2023-05-24

China's coal imports reached 40.68 million tonnes in April, driven by significant growth from the top five source countries. This was the second month in a row that the coal imports exceeded 40 millio

10 China's coking coal market sees signs of weakening as coke prices further fall 2023-05-26

Trading enthusiasm started to cool in China's coking coal marketon May 26, with lower settlement and failure seen in online auctions after the coke market completed a further round of 50 yuan/t