Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast

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China's thermal coal prices were mixed at ports and mines last week. The prices at northern transfer ports plunged as pu......

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1 China's portside thermal coal market lacks strength; Indonesian prices to be stable in Apr 2023-03-29

China's portside thermal coal prices continued to move range-bound as supply and demand dynamics remained lackluster, but increasing stockpiles at northern ports may push traders to accelerate sales,

2 Unchanged top miner's prices support thermal coal market in N China 2023-03-29

Thermal coal prices in China's main production regions stayed flat, as the country's top coal miner kept its purchasing prices unchanged for the fourth consecutive week. Of the 20 thermal

3 China's coking coal prices moving down, yet faint positive signs emerge 2023-03-29

China's coking coal market continued to fall as a whole in the middle of the week, with the buying prudence from coke firms driving some miners to further lower offers. On March 29,

4 China Coal Daily Track (Mar 29) 2023-03-29

Thermal coal Production area Prices and production were generally steady. A few miners' producing enthusiasm slid approaching the month's end after completing their production target. Spot co

5 India: Power ministry drafts plan for optimal distribution of domestic coal rakes 2023-03-29

Ministry of Power (MoP) has outlined a mechanism for transparent distribution of domestic coal via rail rakes for thermal power plants. The exercise has been carried out in lieu of preparations for an

6 Inner Mongolia new energy accounts for over 20% of total generation 2023-03-29

The proportion of new energy has exceeded 20% of total power generation in northern China's Inner Mongolia for the first time, local official statistics showed. In the first two months, I

7 China's top 5 provinces contribute 55.4% of China's Jan-Feb coke production 2023-03-29

The top five major production provinces – Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shaanxi and Xinjiang – produced 43.03 million tonnes of coke during January-February 2023, accounting for 55.4% of the country'

8 South Africa seeks to regain locomotive supply from China 2023-03-29

South African Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan will lead a delegation to China in April in hopes of resolving an ongoing dispute with Chinese rail equipment maker CRRC E-Loco. T

9 Haoji railway coal transportation exceeds 200 Mt 2023-03-29

Haoji, the world's longest heavyload railway, has transported over 200 million tonnes of coal since it officially began operations in September 2019, helping safeguard China's energy security, accordi

10 China met coal market in figures (Mar 29) 2023-03-29

China coking coal, met coke and steel market key figures in focus.

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1 China extends zero coal import tariff till end-2023 2023-03-27

China will continue to implement zero-import tariffs for coal imports until the end of this year, according to a government document issued late last week. The State Council's Tariff Comm

2 Higher Australian intake likely to curb China's demand from Russia 2023-03-23

China's growing imports of Australian metallurgical coal are likely to dampen its demand for Russian shipments, although it won't threathen the status of Russia as the second-largest supplier.

3 Review: China Jan-Feb coking coal imports at 2nd highest, 83% from Mongolia and Russia 2023-03-23

China's coking coal imports surged 54.3% or 4.61 million tonnes year on year to 13.11 million tonnes during the first two months this year, with about 83% coming from Mongolia and Russia.

4 How will Australian arrivals impact China's domestic coal markets? 2023-03-23

China has resumed coal imports from Australia this year, ending a vacuum period since October 2020. The resumption will make a difference in China's coal supply pattern, especially for steelmakers, bu

5 Where has Russian coal headed for since EU's embargo? 2023-03-24

It has been more than seven months since the EU imposed a ban on Russian coal imports last August 11. In the meantime, European countries have been experiencing energy shortages, soaring prices and el

6 Mongolian coking coal prices trend lower on weakness in China's domestic market 2023-03-24

Mongolian imported coking coal prices continued to sink at China's Ganqimaodu border crossing, led by the bearish sentiment spreaded from the stanaency in the domestic market. The m

7 Holiday curbs activity in Indonesian thermal coal market 2023-03-23

A collective leave of Indonesian miners for the Hindu New Year holiday subdued activity in the Indonesian thermal coal market, leaving offers mostly unchanged. On March 23, few offers wer

8 China calls for more efforts to prevent coal mining risks 2023-03-23

China's state safety watchdog urged coal mines to step up efforts to prevent mining risks from gas explosion and water leaks, a day after a deadly accident in southwest China. On March 20

9 China's finished steel stocks down 2.4% in early-Mar, CISA 2023-03-24

Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities fell 2.4% or 330,000 tonnes from ten days ago to 13.25 million tonnes on early March (March 1-10), according to data from China Iron and Ste

10 China Coal Daily Track (Mar 23) 2023-03-23

Thermal coal Production area Prices remained generally steady, except for individual corrections, yet sentiment marginally took a turn for better after a leading miner kept its buy prices for th