Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast

sxcoal.com Viewpoint,  Coking Coal 2022-05-23 15:20:07

China's coking coal prices fell down at a much slower pace during last week as coke producers started to make moderate b......

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1 Higher power demand bolsters thermal coal prices in China 2022-06-29

China's thermal coal prices rose modestly on June 29 fueled by improving demand as hotter weather has spurred power demand across the country. Following the unprecedented heatwave that hi

2 China's coking coal awaits direction amid coke price cut brake 2022-06-29

China's coking coal market awaits direction with mixed price trends emerging alongside fading voices on the second round of coke price cuts. More coking coal auctions started to fetch results after pr

3 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 29) 2022-06-29

Thermal coal Production area Insufficient coal sales quotas curbed production at some mines and further compounded coal supply for spot buyers, as large state-run mines maintained steady shipme

4 Supply Boost | China nods to add a coal mine in Inner Mongolia as shortage bites 2022-06-29

China's energy bureau gave nod to construction of a new coal mine in Inner Mongolia after several mines were allowed to expand capacity, in a move to boost coal supply and bring down fuel costs for po

5 Thermal coal stocks at mines remain low amid emerging spot inquires 2022-06-29

Thermal coal stocks remained low at Chinese main production areas as most state-run miners continued shipment to contracted power utilities, while small- and medium-sized miners also received increase

6 Indonesia plans to form agency to collect compensations for domestic coal users 2022-06-29

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) is on course to set up a coal special entity or public service agency (BLU) in July to collect fees for domestic power plants owned by state-owned g

7 China futures market updates at close (Jun 29) 2022-06-29

Check out latest updates on the Chinese futures market for thermal coal, coking coal, coke and others at close.

8 China Jun PCI coal market: prices in inverted V trend 2022-06-29

China's PCI coal prices lacked strength at the start of June as mills maintained lukewarm purchases due to thin profit. Mills' purchase appetite slightly picked up after the Dragon Boat Festival backe

9 China's energy supply capacity has increased significantly, NDRC 2022-06-29

China's energy self-supply capacity has improved significantly in recent years, introduced by Zhao Chenxin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission at a press briefing on Jun

10 Summer Peak | Chinese power providers appeal for lower coal costs to ensure supply 2022-06-29

Chinese coal-based utilities called on the government to help ease their operation pressure as high coal prices have made them struggle to make ends meet, according to an industry conference chaired b

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1 Indonesian thermal coal prices face downside pressure amid poor demand 2022-06-24

Indonesian thermal coal prices are under downside pressure as the market was muted with a lack of bids and offers after the Chinese domestic market started falling from the beginning of this week.

2 Mongolian coal exports surge last week 2022-06-28

Mongolia exported 583,200 tonnes of coal during June 17-23, surging 300.2% compared with the preceding year, the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry said on June 27. During the given pe

3 China Coal Daily Track (Jun 24) 2022-06-24

Thermal coal Production area Downstream users still sat on the sidelines amid softened sentiment, which clearly reduced coal trucks coming to coal mines and drove some miners to undersell cargo

4 Price Cap | China's price controls effectively keep thermal coal prices in check 2022-06-24

For a long time, China's thermal coal prices have been flying high while coal-fired electricity prices have been largely unchanged. Utilities, holding the responsibility to power millions of homes and

5 Indian thermal coal stocks increase, but follow-up supply still a concern 2022-06-27

A decline in power demand following rains in many parts of India has allowed power plants to build up coal stocks, but concerns swelled for skewed domestic supply in the monsoon season. C

6 Shanxi sets coal output target for 2022, twice as much as Indonesia 2022-06-28

China's coal-rich Shanxi province established its coal production target for this year at 1.3 billion tonnes, a rise of 107 million tonnes from de facto output of 1.19 billion in 2021, according to a

7 Shanxi's 1.3 Bt coal output target for 2022 feasible on large mine capacity 2022-06-28

China's top one coal heartland Shanxi province aims to raise 107-million-tonnes coal production from 2021, to 1.3 billion tonnes in the year of 2022, according to the latest supply lifting work plan i

8 Summer Peak | China coal industry groups call for production boost to ensure supply 2022-06-28

Two major coal industry associations in China called on coal miners to increase production and make emergency supply guarantee plans to ensure stable and sufficient coal supply during the peak demand

9 China's power plants speed up coal destocking, opportunity knocking at the door? 2022-06-28

China's thermal coal market showed signs of rising on June 28 with offers rebounding at northern transfer ports fueled by a rosier demand outlook as high temperature has driven up coal consumption at

10 China's thermal coal prices edge lower; hot spell may help market reverse 2022-06-24

China's portside thermal coal market took a pause on June 24 after days of downward correction, yet thin trading liquidity remained in favor of further declines. On June 24, the prevailin