Henan retires 4.86 Mtpa coal capacity in 2020

sxcoal.com Production & Sales 2021-01-19 17:06:52

Central China's Henan province decommissioned 11 coal mines in 2020 with their combined production capacity totaling 4.86 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), the provincial government said on January 19.

Among these closed mines, two was in Pingdingshan city, with production capacity totaling 1.2 Mtpa, two in Yuzhou city with 0.36 Mtpa.

The largest eliminated mine is Gongyi Tieshenggou Coal Co. Ltd., whose capacity reached 1.05 Mtpa.

Henan planned to close six coal mines (2.55 Mtpa in total) at the beginning of 2020. The de facto outcome has beaten its schedule.

The province had 185 coal mines with capacity totaling 141.62 Mtpa as of December 31, 2019, showed data from National Mine Safety Administration, of which 46 coal mines have annual capacity over 1 million tonnes, totaling 90.92 Mtpa, which accounted for 64.2% of the overall capacity.

But the proportion of 45 Mtpa-and-below mines remained large, with the number reaching 93 and the combined capacity totaling 21.84 Mtpa, or 15.42% of total.

(Writing by Rebecca Liu  Editing by Alex Guo)
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