Gansu H1 electricity consumption up 5.52% YoY General,  Production & Sales 2020-07-10 11:36:17

Gansu in northwestern China consumed 11.3 TWh of electricity in June, rising by 9.34% year on year and 3.15% from May. Its electricity consumption from January to June totaled 65.31 TWh, up 5.52% on the year, according to data released by the Gansu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

Gansu is expected to supply 3.35 TWh of power to other provinces in June, up 54.44% from the previous year. The cumulative outbound electricity transmission during January-June is estimated to reach 23.64 TWh, growing by 26.18% from a year ago.

Gansu is estimated to purchase 310 GWh of electricity from other regions in June, jumping by 71.14% year on year. The total electricity purchase during January-June is forecast to hit 2.69 TWh, soaring by 180.79% on the year.

From January to June, the province's industrial enterprises used 48.6 TWh of electricity, accounting for 74.4% of the total electricity consumption in the province, a year-on-year rise of 5.6%, 0.9 percentage points higher compared with January-May.

The province's installed electricity capacity was 52.88 GW as of end-June, ticking up 1.75% year on year, comprising hydropower installed capacity of 9.43 GW, keeping flat from the same period last year; thermal power of 21.05 GW, edging up 0.06%; wind power of 13.12 GW, increasing by 2.34%; photovoltaic power of 9.27 GW, a 5.76% rise from the year-ago level.

Gansu province's power generation rose 16.1% year on year while dropped 3.54% from the previous month to hit 14.27 TWh in June.

Of that, hydropower generation reached 5.07 TWh, down 1.11% year on year while up 9.66% month on month; thermal power was 6.03 TWh, up 33.86% year on year and rising by 0.42% month on month.

Wind power output reached 1.95 TWh, up 11.47% year on year while down 31.92% month on month; photovoltaic power production was 1.21 TWh, up 34.3% year on year while down 6.22% month on month.

The province generated 86.05 TWh of power in total from January to June, an increase of 8.19% from a year ago. Of that, hydropower was 20.02 TWh, ticking up 0.07% year on year; thermal power was 46.16 TWh, increasing by 10.34% year on year; wind power was 13.01 TWh, up 9.4% on the year; photovoltaic power was 6.87 TWh, growing by 18.15% from the year prior.

The average utilization hours of power generation units in the province totaled 1,696 hours from January to June, an increase of 103 hours or 6.47% year on year.

The average utilization hours of hydropower generation units were 2,118 hours, down 26 hours or 1.21% year on year; thermal power generation units were utilized at an average of 2,356 hours, up 210 hours or 9.79% on the year.

The average utilization hours of wind power generation units were 1,007 hours, up 78 hours or 8.4% from a year ago; the average utilization hours of photovoltaic power generation units were 781 hours, up 81 hours or 11.57% from the preceding year.

(Writing by Shengnan Liu  Editing by Jessie Jia)
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