China Coal Daily Track (Mar 3) Price,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal 2020-03-03 14:50:53

Thermal coal Production area Coal prices continued falling at production areas. In Shaanxi's Yulin, some mines......

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1 Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast 2021-04-19

China's domestic thermal coal prices bounced back last week on concerns of tight supply caused by reinforced safety inspections after recent three mining accidents, despite the central government's in

2 Chinese 5,500 Kcal thermal coal prices exceed 800 yuan/t FOB 2021-04-19

Spot thermal coal prices surpassed 800 yuan/t at China's northern transfer ports, propelled by growing demand from coastal utilities and sustained supply tightness, according to traders on April 19.

3 China coking coal prices buoyant on domestic supply decline and weak imports 2021-04-19

Decline of domestic supply amid a raft of safety checks at major production areas and still weak imports are likely to keep coking coal prices buoyant in China. Fenwei CCI Index for Shanx

4 Weekly China met. coke market analysis and forecast 2021-04-19

Tug-of-war between Chinese coking plants and steel mills continued over pricing of metallurgical coke a last week, with transaction prices of the material remaining stable at major production areas. H

5 Construction of Tavantolgoi coal logistics center expected to start in Q2 2021-04-19

Mongolian government plans to start the technical and economic feasibility study and blueprint for a logistics center for coal loading in Tavantolgoi coal deposits as well as the construction of the c

6 Qinhuangdao coal inventory edges down last wk 2021-04-19

Coal stocks at the major trading port of Qinhuangdao edged down last week compared with a week before as rail inflow couldn't cover outbound shipment, though both decreased during the week. &

7 China Shenhua Mar polythene sales up 13.67% on yr 2021-04-19

China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd, a coal-based integrated energy company, sold 32,400 tonnes of polythene in March, a year-on-year decrease of 0.9% but gaining 11.3% from the preceding month, said the co

8 Indonesian thermal coal prices stable after significant rise 2021-04-16

Indonesian thermal coal prices were stable on April 16 after a significant rally on the previous day as market participants need time to adjust to the rise. Offers for Indonesian 3,800 Kc

9 China's thermal coal prices extend gains on rising demand 2021-04-16

Chinese spot thermal coal prices continued to bounce back at northern transfer ports, fueled by growing demand from downstream buyers to prepare for the summer peak demand period when supply is likely

10 Chinese met coke producers see high likelihood for 1st price hike 2021-04-16

Chinese metallurgical coke producers gradually gained confidence on the proposed 100 yuan/t price hike, with support from coke production curbs, upbeat raw coal costs and rebound of demand from steel

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1 Mongolian Mining and CHN Energy Coal Coking reach agreement on coal storage 2021-04-14

Energy Resources LLC (ER), a fully-owned subsidiary of Mongolian Mining Corporation (MMC), and CHN Energy Coal Coking Co., Ltd (CECC) have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture company on

2 China's Mongolian coking coal imports may remain weak as COVID cases surge 2021-04-15

China's coking coal imports from Mongolia are likely to hover low in the near term, as shipments from Mongolia may continue to be hampered after record daily COVID-19 infections were reported in the c

3 Indonesian thermal coal prices edge higher on solid demand from China 2021-04-15

Indonesian thermal coal prices edged higher on April 15, supported by solid demand from China where domestic miners are less likely to raise production effectively under safety and environmental press

4 Chinese thermal coal up for 2nd day after Xinjiang mining accident 2021-04-14

China's thermal coal market extended gains for the second straight day after a coal mining accident happened in Xinjiang that still traps 21 workers underground, as worries on stricter safety inspecti

5 Shanxi coking coal prices increase on supply concerns 2021-04-14

Coking coal prices rose noticeably in northern China's Shanxi province, top production base of the material, backed by good sales and possible decline in production due to safety checks.

6 Review of Russia thermal coal exports in Feb 2021 2021-04-15

Russia exported 10.58 million tonnes of thermal coal (bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) in February, down 5.33% year on year but up 12.04% month on month, showed data from Federal Customs Service of

7 Review of S Korea thermal coal imports in Mar 2021 2021-04-14

South Korea imported 7.6 million tonnes of thermal coal (bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) in March, up 28.81% year on year and 20.14% month on month, the country's customs data showed.

8 Mongolian Mining Q1 washed coking coal sales slump due to weak Chinese purchase 2021-04-14

Mongolian Mining Corporation, the largest producer and exporter of washed hard coking coal in the landlocked country, witnessed a sharp decline in its coking coal sales during January-March compared w

9 China thermal coal prices rebound as supply tightens and demand climbs 2021-04-14

Thermal coal prices bounced back at northern China ports, while prices at production areas may also stabilize despite continued decline of various extents this week. This came as co

10 China Mar raw coal production down 0.2% YoY 2021-04-16

China's raw coal production dipped 0.2% year on year to 340.76 million tonnes in March, showed data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on April 16. Daily coal product