Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast

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Coking coal market further moved upward in China's main production areas during the past week, as coke producers remaine......

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Coke supply woes that have lasted for months showed no signs of abating entering January and may continue to support a bullish market in the rest of the month. Coke production has failed

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Sentiment weakened in Chinese domestic thermal coal market, as some end buyers paused purchases and started to adopt a wait-and-see stance after spot prices surged to new record highs. De

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Indonesian thermal coal prices edged higher in the Chinese seaborne import market, fueled by insufficient February-loading cargoes and delay of departures caused by flood amid heavy rainfalls in main

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China's domestic thermal coal market further surged last week with the benchmark price breaking the previous high that had been kept for more than 12 years, as supply tightness worsened after a fresh

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China's overheated spot thermal coal market showed signs of abating after rising wildly for weeks, as southern power plants began to hold back on purchases along with sliding coal consumption as tempe

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China, the world's largest coking coal consumer, is likely to further diversify import sources in 2021, after increased intakes from Mongolia and Russia last year following worsening diplomatic China-

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After surging at an unexpected speed for two weeks since the New Year's Day, China's domestic spot thermal coal prices reached new highs, surpassing previous records that have been held since 2008.

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Indonesian thermal coal prices extended gains in the Chinese seaborne import market as end users continued restocking in a rush amid poor availability and high prices of domestic coal. Pu

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Indonesia exported a total 36.7 million tonnes of coal in December, rising 1.5% from the same month a year ago and 18.29% month on month, which hit a new high since April, 2020, according to cargo-

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Spot prices of thermal coal saw another bullish session at China's northern trading hubs, as supply was further crimped at some major production places after new coronavirus cases were found. Strength

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Chinese coking coal market outlook is continuously supported by good restocking demand from coke producers prior to the Spring Festival and the lingering shortage of the material impacted by reducing

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The coronavirus-induced road transport curbs on routes between Hebei and the neighboring provinces are likely to further cap coking coal stockpiles at coke and steel producers in the short run, althou

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