Price rises spread in Shanxi coking coal market; Australian coal price edge recedes Price,  Coking Coal 2019-11-28 11:15:23

Price increases of low-sulfur primary coking coal began spreading to more producing hubs in northern China's Shanxi prov......

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1 Australian thermal coal prices slow down upward pace 2020-09-28

Spot prices of Australian thermal coal didn't show further rises at the beginning of this week as it did in the past two weeks, as Chinese buying interest trimmed after a large utility ditched orders

2 Chinese portside coal selling increases on fears of post-holiday volatility 2020-09-28

Chinese portside traders are quickening thermal coal sales lately to clear stocks ahead of the National Day holiday, for fear of risks of possible price volatility or government intervention after the

3 China Coal Daily Track (Sep 28) 2020-09-28

Thermal coal Production area More coal mines in Ordos, Inner Mongolia were heard to have stopped operation as they have run out their production quotas. Coal prices increased continuously as

4 China's coking coal market to stay firm despite slowed sales 2020-09-28

Chinese coking coal market is expected to maintain momentum in the days ahead, backed by regional supply shortage, in spite of cooling interest of building up stocks among coke producers recently.

5 Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast 2020-09-28

Chinese domestic thermal coal market extended the uptick trend last week, driven by solid buying interest and tight supply that showed no sign of alleviation. As the upswing goes on, buyers are beginn

6 Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast 2020-09-28

Coking coal market continued to pick up in China's main production areas during the past week, supported by coke producers' restocking of premium material. Limited production at some mines also accele

7 Heilongjiang to expand Russia coal market to ensure winter supply 2020-09-28

Heilongjiang province in northeastern China is working to further expand coal procurements from neighboring coal-rich Russia, in a bid to fill the supply gap in this winter heating season.

8 China's major generator breaks off coal import deals amid quota crunch, sources 2020-09-28

Chinese state-owned utility Huaneng Group, was reportedly has cancelled as many as 16 cargoes of seaborne thermal coal arriving in November and December for its power plants in Shanghai, as local cust

9 Qinhuangdao coal stocks hovering around 5 Mt for over 1 mth 2020-09-28

Coal stocks of Qinhuangdao port, the largest thermal coal transfer port in northern China, have been maintained around 5 million tonnes for more than a month, as inflows from production areas couldn't

10 NE China may face 37 Mt coal shortage in winter heating period 2020-09-28

Northeast China region may face coal shortage again this winter and next spring, with a supply gap preliminarily estimated at 37 million tonnes in the lengthy winter heating season, according to a sen

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The first train of coking coal, from Mongolia's mid-east city Choir, arrived at China's border city Ulanqab on September 19, signaling a significant move in coal trade between the two countries.

2 Mongolian coal exports to China expected to increase further 2020-09-22

China-Mongolia trade cooperation has become increasingly close in recent years, in which coal account for the majority. Analysts pointed out Mongolia will continue to expand coal exports to China with

3 China's top 3 coal provinces raw coal output reaches 1.74 Bt in Jan-Aug 2020-09-22

Three major coal-rich provinces – Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi – registered a combined raw coal output of 1.74 billion tonnes in first eight months of 2020, accounting for 70.92% of the total, s

4 Will China ease coal import curbs? 2020-09-22

While China is facing coal supply shortage and domestic prices are jumping quickly, it is still unknown if the authorities will ease its import restrictions. China has tightened the screw

5 China's domestic thermal coal rally sparks import interest; views vary on policy 2020-09-22

Rapid price increase in Chinese domestic thermal coal market are shifting end users' buying interest back to price-competitive seaborne import coal. This is also helping overseas miners shake off sale

6 Indian power utilities' Aug thermal coal imports down 36.44% YoY 2020-09-22

Indian power utilities' thermal coal imports declined 36.44% from the year ago to 3.34 million tonnes in August, showed data from India Central Electricity Authority (CEA). The volume fur

7 China's Aug coking coal import fall 20.9% YoY, anthracite surges 53.6% 2020-09-25

China's coking coal imports in August fell 20.9% from the year-ago level, according to General Administration of Customs (GAC). The import of coking coal totaled 7.17 million tonnes in Au

8 Chinese coking coal prices stable; tight supply may spur another rally 2020-09-22

Chinese domestic coking coal prices were broadly unchanged at major production areas this week, but potential supply shortfall may trigger another round of price increase in the near term.

9 Price correction fears keep coal buyers on the sidelines 2020-09-23

Many Chinese buyers temporarily held back purchases of thermal coal in the domestic spot market, as they feared prices may face downside risk after jumping close to the "red zone" set by the governmen

10 China Aug thermal coal imports tumbles 42.79% YoY 2020-09-25

China imported 8.17 million tonnes of thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal but excluding lignite) in August, falling by 6.11 million tonnes or 42.79% on a yearly basis and down b