Weekly global coal market news summary (Sep 9-Sep 12)

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Australia's Gladstone port Aug coal exports to China slump 54.5% MoM

Australia's Gladstone port posted a slump of 54.48% in coal exports to China compared with July's multi-year high, according to data from Gladstone Ports Corporation.

In August, Gladstone port shipped 755,300 tonnes of coal to China, down 7.44% from the preceding year.

Indonesia sets coal reference price at $65.79/t for Sep

The Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has set the country's coal reference price known as coal benchmark price (HBA) at $65.79/t for September, which hit a three-year's low since September 2016, spokesman of the ministry Agung Pribadi said on September 9.

The HBA dropped down from $72.67/t for August, the spokesman said.

US Jul coal exports slump 34.6% YoY

The U.S. logged a 34.6% year-on-year tumble in coal exports in July, accelerating from a decline of 21.6% in June, showed data from the US Census.

Coal exports from the country stood at 5.89 million tonnes in July, reducing 3.12 million tonnes from a year ago.

Canada Jul bituminous coal exports up 14.4% YoY

Canada registered a 14.4% year-on-year increase in bituminous coal exports in July this year, showed the trade data from Statistics Canada.

Total bituminous coal exports stood at 2.66 million tonnes in July, rising 2.32 million tonnes from a year ago.

Canada's Ridley Terminals Aug coal exports up 7.7% MoM

Coal exports of Canada's Ridley Terminals exported 861,506 tonnes of thermal and metallurgical coal in August, up 7.7% from the previous month and 14% from a year ago, Prince Rupert Port Authority data showed on September 11.

This was the smallest monthly increase in exports in five months, and the largest jump year over year in six months. August had the most thermal and met exports in nine months.

Brazil Aug coal imports down 15.5% YoY

Brazil's coal imports dropped 15.5% from a year ago to 2.23 million tonnes in August, showed data from Secretariat of Foreign Trade of Brazil.

The country imported the most coal from Colombia in August, at 827,700 tonnes, worth $48.674 million.

S Korea utilities Jul coal consumption dips 1.2% YoY

South Korea power utilities registered a 1.2% year-on-year decline in coal consumption in July this year, data showed.

Power plants in the country consumed a total 8.36 million tonnes of coal in the month, down from 8.45 million tonnes a year ago yet climbing 29.16% from June.

Indian unions call strike to protest FDI in coal industry

Trade unions representing workers in the Indian coal mining industry have announced a strike for September 24, to protest the recent government decision to allow 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in domestic commercial coal mining.

The day-long strike, announced by the five trade unions, is a precursor to prolonged agitation unless the government rolls back a decision to open up the sector to overseas private miners.

Coal imports at key Indian state-owned ports fall for 4th mth in Aug

Coal imports at India's 12 major state-owned ports shrank for the fourth consecutive month in August, with a 5.99% decline from July, data showed from Indian Ports Association.

In August, these ports imported 10.4 million tonnes of coal on aggregate, down 14.29% from the same month of last year.

India's coking coal imports rise 38% YoY in July

With a rebound of shipments from Australia and Canada, India's coking coal imports rose 38.2% year on year and 16.6% month on month to 4.82 million tonnes in July, data from e-commerce company Mjunction showed.

Australia was the largest supplier with 3.4 million tonnes in July, up 18.4% from June, and imports from Canada surged 152% from the previous month to 679,005 tonnes.

(Writing by Emma Yang  Editing by Harry Huo)
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