Weak demand keeps dragging down China coking coal market

sxcoal.com Price,  Coking Coal 2019-07-11 11:00:45

China's coking coal market was still clouded by bearishness due to weak demand from coke producers, as the overall coke ......

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1 China's top3 provinces contribute 70.14% of raw coal output in H1 2019-07-17

China's three largest coal bases produced 1.23 billion tonnes of coal, accounting for 70.14% of the country's total in the first half year, showed data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

2 Chinese coal imports to plunge in H2, analysts 2019-07-17

Chinese coal imports are likely to plunge in the second half of 2019 as customs officials face the prospect of exhausting their quotas from as early as September, analysts have told Montel.

3 China Coal Daily Track (Jul 17) 2019-07-17

Thermal coal Production area Coal prices fell abruptly in Shaanxi's Yulin on waning demand. Following two rounds of price decreases, local sales didn't improve and miners reported mounting

4 China Jun power consumption up 5.5 % on yr, NEA 2019-07-17

China's electricity consumption rose 5.5% year on year to 598.7 TWh in June, showed data from the National Energy Administration (NEA) on July 16. For the residential

5 Chinese thermal coal prices drift lower on poor demand 2019-07-17

Chinese thermal coal prices continued sinking at northern ports as demand from downstream buyers didn't yet improve. Bearish sentiments still hang over in the market. On July 16, Fenwei C

6 Chinese buyers still show fragile demand for import thermal coal 2019-07-17

Chinese utilities' buying demand remained fragile for import thermal coal grades, leading import coal prices to further weaken and fanning pessimistic sentiment among participants. On Jul

7 Caofeidian port suspends customs clearance for coal imports, sources 2019-07-16

Caofeidian port in northern China suspended customs clearance for all coal imports from July 16, sources reported, stoking fears of stricter restrictions on overseas coal. Caofeidian port

8 China Jun coal imports from Australian Gladstone port surge 93% MoM 2019-07-16

China's coal imports from Gladstone port in Australia's Queensland posted a marked month-on-month rise of 93% in June, showed data from Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC), along with growing demand fro

9 China Jun cement output falls 7.5% on mth amid output cuts 2019-07-16

China registered a month-on-month decline of 7.5% in cement production in June, as plants in many areas started curbing production amid slack demand season to alleviate air pollution. Tot

10 China Coal Daily Track (Jul 16) 2019-07-16

Thermal coal Production area Coal miners came under sale pressures in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Traders slowed down purchases as it was loss-making for them to ship cargoes over to northern ports.

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China's imports of coal, lignite included, registered a month-on-month slide of 1.3% in June, after hitting a five-month peak in May, showed the latest customs data, as domestic miners were urged to r

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China Electricity Council (CEC), a non-profit and self-disciplinary national trade association joined by China's power enterprises and institutions on a voluntary basis, called for all coal-fired powe

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Thermal coal prices kept pulling back from a seven-week high registered on July 4 at northern China's coal trading hubs, which was accompanied by downturn-triggered wait-and-watch sentiment among coal

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The Economic Survey 2018-2019 tabled in Indian Parliament on July 4 said India would continue its reliance on fossil fuels, especially, coal in the coming future for meeting its energy requirements.

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