Inner Mongolia Jan-Aug power output up 12% YoY Production & Sales 2018-09-13 17:35:00
Utilities with capacity of 60 GW and above generated a total 322.86 TWh of electricity in northern China's Inner Mongoli......

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1 Beijing, northern China hit by worst pollution this year 2018-11-15

Air pollution is worsening in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province region and nearby areas and is expected to linger until November 16 due to unfavourable meteorological conditions for dispersal, state-

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The liquefied natural gas (LNG) market in Asia appears to be coming to terms with the likelihood that China will still buy robust volumes over winter, but not quite at the rate it did last year.

3 Changing shale field to boost gas output 2018-11-15

China's Changning shale gas field in southwestern Sichuan province will more than double its output during the winter heating season after putting new wells into operation, China's top oil and gas gro

4 S. Korea Oct met. coal imports down 4% YoY 2018-11-14

South Korea imported 2.56 million tonnes of metallurgical coal (including coking coal and PCI coal) in October, down 4.07% year on year and 18.28% month on month, according to the latest customs data.

5 China Coal Daily Track (Nov 14) 2018-11-14

Thermal coal Domestic market Production area Coal prices face downward pressure in Yulin city of Shaanxi, as the number of trucks for coal loading decreased recently and stocks started g

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China's top economy planner the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and other relevant departments would talk about import coal issue in a meeting on November 14's afternoon in Jiangsu p

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China's crude steel production hit a new high in October since at least May, 2014, rising for a third straight month as mills rushed to churn out products to chase profits ahead of winter output

8 Chinese domestic coal market falls to new low since Oct 2018-11-14

Chinese spot thermal coal prices have declined to new lows since October at Bohai-rim ports, according to Fewnwei's CCI index. As of November 13, CCI index for spot 5,500 Kcal/kg NAR coal

9 Chinese thermal coal prices fall at faster speed as demand dulls 2018-11-14

Offer prices of Chinese spot thermal coal continued falling at a faster speed at the northern ports, as traders found it hard to make deals amid waning demand of the downstream buyers. Th

10 China import thermal coal outlook divided 2018-11-14

Chinese traders were generally pessimistic about the near-term import thermal coal market, while foreign miners betted on a small rebound since mid- or late December. Currently import coa

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China's thermal coal prices are like to embrace slight pickup in the heating season which generally has started from November 1 in northern regions, insiders said. Thermal coal market has

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China's coke price has climbed to a level close to the all-time high reached during the financial crisis in 2008. Further upward strength is expected to continue in the coke market, buoyed by winter r

3 CHN Energy ups Nov term contract coal prices by 13-18 yuan/t, sources 2018-11-06

China Energy Investment Corporation, also known as CHN Energy, raised its monthly contract prices of thermal coal for November delivery, market sources said, the third straight upward adjustment.

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The Sino-Mongolia Mining Forum, hosted by Aluminum Corporation of China Limited and undertaken by China Aluminum International Trading Co., Ltd, was held in Shanghai on November 8. During the meeting,

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Offer prices for Indonesian thermal coal with low calorific value kept falling in the key market China, traders said, but some participants bet the market to pick up in late December-early January.

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China's import thermal coal market still shows no signs of rebound at present, with cargoes from its two largest suppliers of Australia and Indonesia suffering slack demand for long, especially Austra

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Spot thermal coal trades remained sluggish on a whole at northern China ports, as demand from utilities continued to weaken owing to their abundant stockpiles. A Hebei-based trader said h

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Australia's Queensland state is set to unveil proposed resource regulations next week that will require miners to pay into an "insurance fund" for the remediation of old mines. The regula

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Thermal coal markets improved steadily in China's main production centers like Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia during October, supported by constrained output at coal mines, while the uptrend at no

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Coke producers in major production areas in China reported normal production but low stocks resulting from robust demand from end users, sources said. "There is some coke available for sa