Weekly China coal market news summary (Jan 8-Jan 12)

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China's Hebei vows to shed 10.62 Mtpa coal capacity in 2018

Hebei province in northern China vowed to shed 10.62 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of coal production capacity in 2018, said Hebei Environmental Protection Department.

The province will also eliminate 6 Mtpa of steelmaking capacity this year, and meanwhile slash 500 MW of backward coal-fired power capacity, 1.1 Mtpa of cement capacity and 5 Mtpa of coke capacity, said the department.

Seven major coal firms in Shanxi cut thermal coal prices

Seven main coal companies in Shanxi adjusted down thermal coal prices by 15-20 yuan/t, in order to stabilize prices and secure supply amid winter heating season.

Shanxi Coal Import & Export Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Coking Coal Group  adjusted down prices by 15 yuan/t for thermal coal hauled by railway directly to power plants, effective January 11.

Huanghua port 2017 cargo handling climbs 10.4pct on yr

Huanghua port – exclusively owned by coal giant Shenhua Group – handled a total 270 million tonnes of cargoes in 2017, climbing 10.43% year on year, said Cangzhou Maritime Safety Administration.

Of this, it handled 653,600 containers of cargoes last year, rising 8.65% from the year-ago level, said the administration.

China's Ordos to continue construction of 26 coal mines

Ordos city in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region will continue construction of 26 coal mines during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), with production capacity totaling 171 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), said an official document released on government website.

There were two coal mines that just started construction during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, with capacity combined at 24 Mtpa, said the document.

China Resources Group shuts 1.8 Mtpa coal capacity in 2017

China Resources (CR) Group shut three coal mines with combined capacity of 1.8 Mtpa in 2017, it said in a statement on the official website.

The three mines included Taicheng mine, Dayan mine and New Taoyuan mine under Shanxi CR Coal Industry Co., Ltd, with capacity at 0.45 Mtpa, 0.45 Mtpa and 0.9 Mtpa, respectively.

Inner Mongolia thermal coal prices edge up in Dec

Thermal coal prices picked up in northern China's Inner Mongolia in December, said the regional development and reform commission.

In December, thermal coal mine-mouth prices averaged 213.83 yuan/t ($32.87/t) in the region, 0.01% higher than a month ago and 6.46% higher than a year ago, the commission noted.

CR Power coal output up 31.6% MoM in Dec

China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd (CR Power) produced 1.74 million tonnes of coal in December, 2017, increasing 62.5% year on year and 31.6% from the month prior, said the company late in a statement on January 10.

The company attributed the increase to output rise of its wholly-owned subsidiary CR Liansheng Co., Ltd and holding subsidiary CR Yonghua Co., Ltd.

China 2017 coke output predicted at 440 Mt

China's coke output was estimated to reach 440 million tonnes in 2017, compared with 2016's 450 million tonnes, predicted Qianzhan Industry Research Institute

China produced 480 million tonnes of coke in 2013, ranking first and accounting for 67.44% of the world's total output.

Daqin 2017 coal transport up 23.1pct on yr

Daqin Railway Co., Ltd. witnessed its core assets Daqin line transport 432.39 million tonnes of coal in 2017, up 23.1% year on year, the company reported in an announcement on January 10.

In December, the line's total coal transport volumes stood at 38.56 million tonnes, rising 0.39% year on year and 12.52% month on month, said the announcement.

Ganqimaodu 2017 coal imports outstrip 17 mln T

Ganqimaodu border crossing, the largest road border crossing connecting trades between China and Mongolia, imported 17.16 million tonnes of coal in full year of 2017, climbing 34.5% from a year earlier, said Inner Mongolia Urad Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on January 9.

The volume was the highest on yearly basis and accounted for around half of China's total coal imports from the neighboring Mongolia, said the bureau.

Shandong Dec raw coal output down 2.24pct YoY

Eastern China's Shandong province produced 10.18 million tonnes of raw coal in December, with total raw coal output down 2.24% from the preceding year to 125.73 million tonnes over January-December, showed data from Shandong Administration of Coal Industry on December 19.  

Provincial-owned mines produced 98.15 million tonnes of raw coal over January-December, dipping 0.3% from the preceding year, while raw coal output at municipal-owned mines at 27.57 million tonnes, down 17.5% on the year.

Jiangsu Jan-Nov raw coal output down 5.91% YoY

Eastern China's Jiangsu province produced 11.69 million tonnes of raw coal over January-November, down 5.91% year on year, showed data from the provincial economic and information technology commission.

Large-scale state-owned Xuzhou Coal Mining Group produced 3.24 million tonnes of raw coal during the same period, dropping 25.41% from a year ago.

(Writing by Zoey Yan  Editing by Jessie Jia)
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