7th Global Coking Coal Resource & Market Summit to be held in Beijing early Apr

2017-03-28 08:35:00 Company,  Coking Coal sxcoal.com

Sxcoal.com cordially invites you to participate in the 7th Global Coking Coal Resource & Market Summit, one of the most anticipated events of the year for the Chinese coking coal industry, in Beijing from April 6 to 7, 2017.

The year 2016 saw coking coal prices finally rebound after falling for more than four years, mainly due to China's supply-side reform in its coal sector that caused a shortage in domestic supply and spurred imports from the international market.

The Chinese policy, which has been the most opaque and influential factor for both the Chinese and international markets, historically and prospectively, together with a number of key factors will continue to impact the market in 2017.

The Summit will focus on topics which are most interesting to coking coal players, such as:  

• Macro environment and its impact on coking coal demand;

• New developments in China's coking coal demand;

• Supply-side reform policy and its impact on China's coal, coke and steel industries;

• China's coking coal production capacity and output forecast;

• China's coking coal price forecast;

• Chinese and international coking coal competitiveness analysis;

• China's coking coal import outlook;

• Seaborne and Mongolian coking coal supply forecast.

Participants from the local and international mining, coke and steel making companies, traders, as well as port operators and logistics firms, are expected to gain professional insights on these issues, enhance communication and grasp new business opportunities.  

Over the past six years, the Summit had attracted wide interest and active participation from coking coal producing firms, coking plants, steel mills, traders, ports and logistics firms and financial institutions at home and abroad, including BHP, Rio Tinto, Shanxi Coking Coal Group and Baosteel.

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For more details on the summit, please click www.sxcoal.com/meeting/201704cokingcoal_en.

(Writing by Jessie Jia   Editing by Jessie Jia)
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