Beijing to cut coal use 30pct this yr against air pollution

2017-02-06 08:54:00

Beijing will intensify its battle against choking air pollution this year and aims to cut coal use by 30%, Mayor Cai Qi said on February 5 in a media conference.

Cai said the government will take even more steps this year, including cutting coal use by helping residents of 700 villages to use clean energy.

"We will try to basically realize zero coal use in six major districts and in Beijing's southern plain areas this year," Cai said, adding the municipal government will slash coal use by 30% to less than 7 million tonnes in 2017.

Meanwhile, Beijing will also remove 300,000 old vehicles off the roads this year and promote new energy cars instead.

Cai pointed out that better regional coordination was needed, and it is an urgent task for Beijing and its neighboring areas to work together and improve air quality in the region.

(Writing by Evie Feng   Editing by Harry Huo)
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