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Met coke prices stable in China's production areas

2020-03-27 11:41:16 Viewpoint,  Price

Mainstream metallurgical coal prices stayed flat in China, although a Shandong-based steel mill cut high-sulfur coke price by 20 yuan...

47.4 GW coal fired power projects cancelled in India in 2019, Report

2020-03-27 11:20:00 Viewpoint,  International

A staggering 47.4 GW coal fired power projects at different stages were cancelled in India in 2019 reducing total under development c...

Covid-19 impact on global coal supply may bolster Indonesian thermal coal

2020-03-26 12:12:54 Viewpoint,  Price,  International,  Thermal Coal

Worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has brought several key production countries of coal into lockdown, threatening global supply of the foss...

China's met coke market sentiment improves on demand uptick

2020-03-26 11:35:54 Viewpoint,  Price

Sentiment among Chinese metallurgical coke producers prudently improved, along with positive demand outlook as more blast furnaces ar...

Import curb yet to have obvious impact on China's seaborne coal imports

2020-03-25 18:10:14 Policy,  Viewpoint,  Thermal Coal

At present, China has imposed strict restrictions on coal imports. It's learned that coastal areas like Fujian, Guangxi and Guangzhou...

Traders not worried coronavirus would impact Indonesian coal supply

2020-03-25 11:55:32 Viewpoint,  Price,  International,  Thermal Coal

Traders told that they were not worried about the Covid-19 virus epidemic would break out in Indonesia's coal mining areas...

Shanxi's coking capacity phase-out may have limited support to coke prices

2020-03-25 11:40:33 Viewpoint,  Price

Shanxi, the largest coke base in China, will step up efforts in retiring coke-making capacity this year to achieve its blue sky goal,...

China Coal Daily Track (Mar 24)

2020-03-24 13:42:04 Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal

Thermal coal Production area Coal prices further declined 10-20 yuan/t at main production areas, yet that failed to boost sale...

Chinese met coke producers cautious on sales

2020-03-24 12:21:16 Viewpoint,  Price

Chinese metallurgical coke producers shifted to a more prudent stance in clinching deals, along with market talks of reinstating road...

China's import thermal coal market remains unchanged

2020-03-24 12:13:49 Viewpoint,  Price,  International,  Thermal Coal

Chinese seaborne import market of thermal coal started the week without much movement in fundamentals. Prices of Indonesian and Austr...

Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast

2020-03-24 08:59:07 General,  Viewpoint,  Coking Coal

Coking coal market continued falling down at China's main production areas during the past week, along with waned restocking interest...

Weekly China thermal coal analysis and forecast

2020-03-24 08:42:03 Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal

China's spot thermal coal market continued to fall last week at northern ports as demand remained weak. Floods of monthly-term carg...

China met coke market outlook remains divided

2020-03-23 11:48:48 Viewpoint,  Price

The near-term outlook for Chinese metallurgical coke market remained divided among participants due to various reasons. ...

Indonesian thermal coal prices keep stable late last week

2020-03-23 08:57:17 Viewpoint,  Price,  International,  Thermal Coal

Prices of Indonesian thermal coal closed last week with almost no clear change in offers and bids in the Chinese seaborne import mark...

High utilities stocks put pressure on China's seaborne thermal coal prices

2020-03-20 17:25:11 Viewpoint,  Price,  Production & Sales

Chinese seaborne thermal coal market might continue feeling the pain from tepid purchase interests from utilities that have been sadd...

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1 China Coal Daily Track (Mar 27) 2020-03-27

Thermal coal Production area Some mines in Yulin of Shaanxi saw slightly improves sales, helping relieving stock pressure; more small mines resume production in Shenmu and Fugu in the province,

2 Inner Mongolia Jan-Feb raw coal output logs rare 14.1% drop 2020-03-27

Inner Mongolia, top coal production hub in China, logged a steep year-on-year decline of 14.1% in raw coal production in the first two months this year, according to official data, primarily affected

3 China's State Grid 2019 profit hits 6-year low 2020-03-27

State Grid Corp. of China said its profit totaled 77 billion yuan in 2019, down 1.26% from a year ago, hitting a new low since 2014, the company said in a reported dated March 24. The cou

4 Spot Australian coking coal further slides in China; decline may not ease quickly 2020-03-27

Spot Australian premium coking coal further softened in China, a response to coke producers' tepid restocking as their profit margins dived close to zero. Settlement prices of spot Austra

5 Large offer-bid spread curbs Indonesian thermal coal trade in China 2020-03-27

The gap was still large between offers and bids of Indonesian thermal coal in the Chinese seaborne import market, as participants were hard to capture the market direction under the Covid-19 pandemic,

6 47.4 GW coal fired power projects cancelled in India in 2019, Report 2020-03-27

A staggering 47.4 GW coal fired power projects at different stages were cancelled in India in 2019 reducing total under development coal capacity to 66 GW. The data was compiled in a repo

7 China's spot thermal coal market further sapping on weak sentiment 2020-03-27

China's spot thermal coal market continued sapping near late this week, given battered market sentiment and tapered buying appetite from end users. Following 16 straight sessions of fallb

8 China's planned coal power capacity surged 46% in 2019 2020-03-27

China's planned coal-fired power capacity last year increased for the first time since Beijing imposed restrictions on new coal plant proposals and permits in 2016, a joint study by four international

9 China's steel supply surplus may linger in short run 2020-03-27

China's steel market is likely to continue dealing with supply glut in the short run, even if rebooted infrastructure and manufacturing activity could boost demand, said experts. In spite

10 China Coal Daily Track (Mar 26) 2020-03-26

Thermal coal Production area A few coal mines in Ordos of Inner Mongolia saw improved sales after previous price slumps, supporting prices to edge up 5 yuan/t, while most mines saw prices drop

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1 China's Jan-Feb coal output falls 6.3% on yr on virus outbreak 2020-03-16

China's coal production declined 6.3% year on year in the first two months this year, official data said, as many mines delayed resumption after the week-long Spring Festival break due to the Covid-19

2 China's Jan-Feb crude steel output rises 3.1% on yr 2020-03-16

China's crude steel output posted a 3.1% increase year on year in the first two months this year, official data showed, but the growth slowed down significantly compared with an 8.3% increase for the

3 What is the impact of Covid-19 on the power sector? 2020-03-18

The Covid-19 coronavirus was first identified in China's Hubei province in December 2019 and has since become a global health threat, impacting 140 countries and triggering the World Health Organisati

4 China's Jan-Feb cement output logs rare 29.5% slump on halted construction 2020-03-16

China's cement production logged a rare year-on-year slump of 29.5% in January-February, showed official data, as many infrastructure projects remained suspended due to Lunar New Year breaks and coron

5 China raises export tax rebate on almost 1,500 products to boost virus-hit trade 2020-03-18

China will increase export tax rebates on almost 1,500 products from March 20, the finance ministry said on March 17, as the government looks to ease the pressure on companies hit hard by the coronavi

6 Top 3 provinces produce 68.96% of China's coal in Jan-Feb 2020-03-19

China's top three coal production provinces churned out 68.96% of raw coal during the first two months, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed. Coal output of the three

7 China Jan-Feb power generation falls 8.2% YoY, NBS 2020-03-16

China recorded a year-on-year decrease of 8.2% in its power generation in the first two months this year, which was mainly ascribed to the slowdown of industrial activities amid the spread of novel co

8 China's key steelmakers see steel product stocks up 4.51% in early Mar 2020-03-17

Steel product stockpiles at Chinese key steel makers were 21.41 million tonnes in early March (March 1-10), showed data from the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA), up by 4.51% from ten days earl

9 Inner Mongolia expects to churn out 1 bln T of raw coal in 2020 2020-03-19

Inner Mongolia, top coal production base in China, plans to churn out a total 1 billion tonnes of raw coal in 2020, according to an energy work plan for the region released by local government lately.

10 China Shenhua Feb commercial coal output down 1.2% YoY 2020-03-20

China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd., a listed arm of China Energy Investment Corp., posted a 1.2% year-on-year decrease in its commercial coal output in February, the company said in a statement on March 1

Most Read Analysis & Comments

1 Spot thermal coal further loses ground at N China ports, outlook gloomy 2020-03-12

Spot thermal coal market further lost ground with prices coming under deeper declines at northern China transfer ports, given persistent demand shrink from coastal coal-fired power plants and reduced

2 China spot thermal coal market squeezed by massive term contract orders 2020-03-09

Chinese seaborne thermal coal market has been heavily squeezed by massive long-term contract orders since March term prices turned out cheaper than expected from top miner CHN Energy last week.

3 China's thermal coal market shows signs of improvement 2020-03-18

China's spot thermal coal market is on track to stabilize late this week with signs of improvement shown in demand at northern transfer ports on the second trading day. Traders reported t

4 Will "new infrastructure" better spur Chinese steel demand? 2020-03-12

Market participants are expecting "new infrastructure" projects to better boost steel products demand in Chinese market after the Covid-19 fades, but will these emerging things be more effective stimu

5 China's import coal curbs seem yet to have substantive effect 2020-03-17

Market talk that China has intensified restrictions on import coal has been spreading recently, but the effect has been seldom talked about. Based on relevent sources, has summ

6 China's customs curbs deter traders from buying import coal, prices falling 2020-03-13

Traders dared not to buy overseas cargoes of thermal coal as their cargoes might be unable to pass through the customs if they don't gain contracts with utilities, traders said. Since Chi

7 China's import thermal coal prices continue falling amid bearishness 2020-03-12

Chinese seaborne import market of thermal coal saw an uneventful day in the midweek, but prices continue falling after Huaneng Group, one of largest power generators in China, published its tender res

8 China's maritime quarantine adds blow to import thermal coal market 2020-03-19

Some Chinese customs tightened quarantine measures on all foreign vessels alongside spreading coronavirus across the world. This is expected to add additional blow to China's import thermal coal marke

9 Met coke prices stabilize in China, downturn still looms 2020-03-09

China's metallurgical coke prices leveled off at production areas after 100-130 yuan/t reduction, yet further decline still looms amid mounting sales pressures. Steel mills cut down coke

10 Lack of import quotas will be a drag for Chinese seaborne import coal market 2020-03-09

Lack of import quotas will likely further dent Chinese seaborne import thermal coal market, as traders may be more wary of taking positions. Perhaps it's overstated, as the market has bee

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