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Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

2018-05-21 09:07:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite market was generally stable in the past week; major mines saw better sales of anthracite lumps thanks to price red...

Shanxi Apr outbound rail coal sales up 7.3pct on mth

2018-05-18 14:28:00 Inland Shipment,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal,  PCI,  Anthracite

China's coal-rich Shanxi province sold 26.03 million tonnes of coal via railway to end users outside of the province in April, risi...

China's anthracite prices down in early May, NBS

2018-05-14 11:48:00 Price,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite,  Others

China's anthracite prices went down over May 1-10, showed data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on May 14. ...

Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

2018-05-14 09:34:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite market generally continued its downturn in the past week and price dropped for even more. ...

Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

2018-05-07 09:45:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite market generally trended down in the past week and prices have dropped by 200 yuan/t by far. ...

China's anthracite prices drop slightly in mid-April, NBS

2018-05-04 14:51:00 Price,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite,  Others

China's anthracite prices dropped slightly over April 21-30, showed data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on May 4. ...

China Anthracite Lump Market Analysis and Forecast (May 2018)

2018-05-03 17:41:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite coal market was in its downturn in April, with price cuts extending from small local mines to large mines. Anthrac...

Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

2018-05-02 09:13:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite market kept its downturn on the whole in the past week amid intensified environmental measures, with high-sulfur ...

China's anthracite prices keep to plummet in mid-April, NBS

2018-04-25 16:46:00 Price,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite,  Others

China's anthracite as well as certain thermal prices dropped massively over April 11-20, showed data released by the National Burea...

S. Korea Mar thermal coal imports down 3.74% MoM

2018-04-24 09:14:00 Price,  Import & Export,  Thermal Coal,  Anthracite,  Others

South Korea's thermal coal imports (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coals) reached 8.91 million tonnes in March, sliding 3....

Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

2018-04-23 09:57:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite market kept its downturn on the whole during the past week, with extent and scope of lump anthracite price falls...

China's Ningxia Mar raw coal output up 8pct YoY

2018-04-19 17:36:00 Cost & Profit,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite,  Coal Tar

Northwestern China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region produced 6.4 million tonnes of raw coal in March, up 8% year on year, showed Sta...

Shanxi, Shandong build long-term anthracite supply cooperation

2018-04-17 08:23:00 Anthracite

Coal-rich Jincheng city in Shanxi province built a long-term anthracite supply cooperation with Shandong province on April 13, in a b...

China's anthracite prices plummet in early April, NBS

2018-04-16 10:57:00 Price,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite,  Others

China's anthracite prices dropped massively during April 1-10, showed data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on April 1...

Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

2018-04-16 09:00:00 Anthracite

China's anthracite market kept its downturn on the whole during the past week as an increasing number of miners let down anthracite...

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1 Weekly global coal market news summary (May 21 – May 25) 2018-05-25

Mongolia plans to launch $16 billion investment programme Mongolia is preparing to invite proposals for public-private partnerships that would make a combined 38.3 trillion tugrik ($15.95 bil

2 China Coal initiatively reduces price in response to NDRC policy 2018-05-25

China National Coal Group, the country's second largest coal miner, reportedly pared supply prices initiatively, in response to measures issued by the National Development and Reform Commission (ND

3 Chinese thermal coal market tilts down as govt policy measures kick in 2018-05-25

China's domestic thermal coal prices are set to drop from recent highs, as a slew of government policy measures kick in to cool down the red-hot market. The National Development an

4 Policy regulation aggravates sentiment in China thermal coal market 2018-05-25

Chinese authorities' countermeasures to stabilize thermal coal prices have aggravated wait-and-see sentiment in the domestic spot market. Preemptive traders started to conclude deals at a lower price,

5 China hydropower picking up in May, coal burns will go down gradually 2018-05-25

China's hydropower generation totaled 68.08 TWh over May 1-23, increasing 5.25% on the year, up 10.5 percentage points from the negative growth in April, data showed. Daily hydro

6 Chinese coke makers, traders concerned about downward risk after five hikes 2018-05-25

China's coke producers are concerned about the downward risk after the fifth price increase of 100 yuan/t starting May 23, sources said. Prices of the steel making material has gon

7 China's coke price up 5.2pct in mid-May, NBS 2018-05-25

Prices for China's Grade II met coke averaged 1,753.5 yuan/t in middle of May (May 11-20), rising 5.2% or 86.7 yuan/t from ten days ago, according to the sampling survey by the National Bureau of Stat

8 China urges EU to act 'prudent' on steel trade 2018-05-25

The European Union's frequent trade remedy investigations into China's steel products have seriously interfered with steel trade between the two economies, the Ministry of Commerce said on May 24, urg

9 China Apr thermal coal imports down 28.12% on mth 2018-05-24

China imported 9 million tonnes of thermal coal (bituminous and sub-bituminous) in April, tumbling 3.52 million tonnes or 28.12% from the preceding month and 0.78 million tonnes or 7.98% year on yea

10 China Coal Daily Track (May 24) 2018-05-24

Thermal coal Domestic market Price increments of slack thermal coal were maintained at 5-10 yuan/t recently at main production areas. Purchase sentiment of traders faded a little aft

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1 China to adopt multi-measures to bring coal prices back to rational, NDRC 2018-05-21

China will take a series of measures to bring down coal prices to reasonable levels, because the recent rally is not supported by market fundamentals, state media reported, citing officials from the N

2 N Korea intends to export coal to China after a diplomatic breakthrough with US 2018-05-16

Some North Korean traders were offering low-price coal to Chinese traders and have stored up a number of cargoes at North Korean ports, expecting to deliver them over the border when a diplomatic brea

3 China Apr raw coal output up 4.1pct YoY, NBS 2018-05-15

China produced 293.3 million tonnes of raw coal in April, an increase of 4.1% year on year, showed data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on May 15. Over January-April, raw coa

4 China's thermal coal futures tumble on government intervention report 2018-05-23

China's most active thermal coal futures prices fell more than 4%t in early morning trading on May 23, on track for the biggest one-day drop since November 2016 Prices of thermal coal fut

5 China's May coal imports may stay stable from Apr 2018-05-15

China's coal imports in May are expected to stay stable from the level recorded in April this year, as relevant authorities seemed to be less strict in banning import coal following continuous price r

6 As temperatures soar, China coal traders bet on shortages 2018-05-17

China's thermal coal futures rose to a six-week high on May 16 as traders bet on a supply crunch as lower hydro power output and forecasts of a summer heat wave spurred expectations of rising demand f

7 China's top 3 provinces contribute 67.5% of raw coal output in Jan-Apr 2018-05-17

Northern China's Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Shaanxi produced 67.5% of the country's total raw coal in the first four months, showed data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). On M

8 India's thermal coal imports rise over 15% in Q1 2018-05-14

India's thermal coal imports rose by more than 15% in the first three months of 2018, with Indonesia accounting for about three-fifths of total supplies, according to vessel arrival data from Dubai-ba

9 China Shenhua Apr commercial coal output down 2% YoY 2018-05-16

China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd, a listed arm of newly-merged China Energy Investment Corporation, produced 24 million tonnes of commercial coal in April, dropping 2% year on year and 4.38% month on m

10 India's state power plants resume coal imports amid domestic shortages 2018-05-18

State-run thermal power plants in India's coastal states have again begun buying overseas coal due to domestic coal shortages, government and utility officials said, in a setback for the country's lon

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1 Thermal coal prices rise at China's production areas as demand improves 2018-05-08

Thermal coal prices started gaining strength at China's major production areas along with increased demand, according to the latest survey by leading energy consultant Fenwei Energy, operator of ind

2 Major factors behind 200 yuan/t drop in China's spot thermal coal price since Feb 2018-05-10

China's thermal coal prices have dropped by nearly 200 yuan/t in total at northern ports in more than two months starting from early February, mainly impacted by quickly weakened demand after the Luna

3 Fenwei: China thermal coal prices to go upward, yet downward risk remains 2018-05-09

China's thermal coal prices are expected to keep going up in the short term after experiencing a small drop-back in late April, according to the latest Fenwei Coal Weekly Update (Apr 29-May 5) by

4 China thermal coal market faces downward risks in short run 2018-05-16

Despite unexpected price rallies amid current slack season, China's thermal coal market at Bohai-rim ports is still facing downward risks in the short term, given little improvement of demand from uti

5 China thermal coal prices turn stable after recent pickup 2018-05-11

Prices of thermal coal traded at northern China ports tended to stabilize following nearly three weeks of rise, with the market still lacking solid support. Coal stocks remained high at t

6 China orders miners to lower 5,500 Kcal coal below 570 yuan/t before Jun 10 2018-05-23

China's state planner ordered leading miners to lower price of 5,500 Kcal/kg NAR coal to below 570 yuan/t FOB with VAT before June 10, in a bid to stem recent rallies, Shanghai Securities News reporte

7 Intensified environmental crackdown may cause new capacity cuts in China coke industry 2018-05-14

A new round of capacity cutback may stage in China's coke-making industry, as increasingly stringent environmental checks force producers to limit output. The move was led by Xuzhou

8 Chinese steel inventories are declining fast 2018-05-10

Chinese steel inventories are now falling quickly after hitting a multi-year high earlier this year. The dramatic turnaround can be seen in the chart below from ANZ Bank, showin

9 Import thermal coal bid-offer spread remains wide; shipping rate high 2018-05-11

The bid-offer spread for import thermal coal into China remained wide, as optimistic foreign miners were keen on raising offer prices to levels beyond expectations of Chinese utilities that are not in

10 China's seaborne coal freight rates jump on multiple factors 2018-05-11

China's seaborne coal freight rates were jumping recently, a result of rising fuel prices and bad weather-interrupted shipping at some northern ports. As of May 8, China Coastal Freight C