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  • Friday July 23,2021
  • 15:06:44Coal  
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    The Super typhoon In-fa is heading toward eastern China and will likely impact the area beginning July 25. Provinces like Zhejiang and Jiangsu seized the day to unload coal shipment to ensure energy security during the summer peak.

  • 11:33:46Steel  
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    Chinese key steel mills registered a rise of 2.62% in daily output of crude steel over July 11-20 compared to previous ten days, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) data showed.

  • 09:07:00Coal  
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    Shenmu, the major coal-producing region in Shaanxi, had 114 coal mines with 278.1 Mtpa coal production capacity, 44 of which are in normal production and the capacity reached 217.15 Mtpa. The rest 70 mines were off line, covering 60.95 Mtpa.

  • 09:06:52Coal  
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    CHN Energy Zhuhai Port released 128,000 tonnes of coal to southern China during July 16-18, in a way to ensure energy security there.

  • Thursday July 22,2021
  • 14:42:58Others  
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    Japan said it will increase the share of non-fossil fuel in its power mix to nearly 60% by the fiscal 2030-31 from 24% in the fiscal 2019-20, far beyond its previous target of 44%.

  • 14:42:41Steel  
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    On July 21, Shanghai rebar (HRB 400, 20mm) was offered at 5,320 yuan/t at Shanghai, up 10 yuan/t from a day ago, 70 yuan/t from a week ago and 370 yuan/t from a month ago; Shanghai HRC (3.0mm) was offered at 5,890 yuan/t, down 10 yuan/t on the day, 30 yuan/t on the week but still 240 yuan/t than the month-ago level.

  • 11:55:29Macro  
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    A meeting on commodity price adjustment nationwide was held in Beijing in July 15-16. The central government required price watchdogs to strengthen price monitoring and early warning management, to realize the target of price adjustment this year.

  • 11:45:51Others  
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    Heavy rains lashed central China's province since last week. In Xinxiang city, the maximum precipitation reached 907 mm during July 17-22, with 14 monitoring stations seeing precipitation exceed 700mm across the city. The city has escalated the emergency response from the second-level to the first-level.

  • 11:45:43Coal  
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    Yancoal Australia's attributable raw coal production totaled 11 million tonnes in Q2 this year, up 3% from Q1 but down 9% from a year ago; attributable salable coal production totaled 8.8 million tonnes, up 2% from Q1 but down 5% from Q2 2020.

  • Wednesday July 21,2021
  • 14:23:31Coal  
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    China exported 1.25 Mt of coal in H1, down 27.7% YoY, with exports value at $197.27 million, showed data from the GAC on July 21.

  • 14:16:48Coal  
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    China's anthracite imports rose 22% YoY to 4.34 Mt in H1, with the imports value at $492.8 million, showed data from the GAC on July 21.

  • 14:04:45Coal  
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    China's coking coal imports slumped 41.6% YoY to 22.28 Mt in H1, with the import value at $3.1 billion, down 38.3% YoY, showed data from the GAC on July 21.

  • 13:47:58Coal  
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    China's imports of lignite rose 57.8% YoY and 48.13% MoM to 11.11 Mt in June. The import value was $730.09 million in the month, jumping 202.9% YoY and 67.18% MoM, GAC data showed.

  • 13:41:29Coal  
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    China's thermal coal imports fell 21.27% YoY to 59.47 million tonnes in the first half of 2021, with the import value at $4.57 billion, showed data from the GAC on July 21.

  • 11:16:32Coal  
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    Modi-led Union Cabinet approved a pact for coking coal cooperation between India and Russia on July 14, a move aiming at diversifying source and reducing input cost at steel sector.

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