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Ganqimaodu Jan-Aug coal imports climb 19.03% on yr

2019-09-19 14:43:53 Import & Export,  Ports

Coal imports from Ganqimaodu – border crossing connecting northern China's Inner Mongolia with Mongolia – increased by 19.03% year on...

Premium thermal coals may face shortage at N China ports

2019-09-18 08:58:20 Ports

Salable thermal coals with superior quality are likely to face a shortfall at northern Chinese ports in the coming days, helping pric...

Newcastle thermal coal price slightly rebounds after 3-yr low

2019-09-17 18:05:40 Price,  Ports,  International

Prices of thermal coal at Newcastle, Australia's largest port of the power generation material, slightly bounced back as of mid-Septe...

Kazakhstan to ship 2 Mt Kazakh coal to SE Asia via Chinese port

2019-09-17 18:03:35 Ports,  International

Kazakhstan has reached a preliminary agreement with China to transfer around 2 million tonnes of Kazakh coal annually to Southeast As...

S. Africa's Richards Bay Jul coal exports dive to half-yr low

2019-09-17 15:33:29 Import & Export,  Ports,  International

Coal exports from South Africa's Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) dived down to a six-month low in July after a trough of 4.87 milli...

Canada's Ridley Terminals Aug coal exports up 7.7% MoM

2019-09-12 16:27:20 Import & Export,  Ports,  International

Coal exports of Canada's Ridley Terminals exported 861,506 tonnes of thermal and metallurgical coal in August, up 7.7% from the previ...

Qinhuangdao Port H1 net profit down 24.99%

2019-09-04 15:35:24 Ports,  Seaborne Shipment

Qinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd, China's largest port operator for dry bulk cargoes, witnessed a 24.99% year-on-year decline in net profit ...

Newcastle Aug coal exports to China plunge 50% on mth

2019-09-03 13:47:51 Ports,  International

China's coal imports from Australian Newcastle terminals (Carrington and Kooragang) plunged 50.19% from July's new high to 1.48 milli...

New trade corridor gives boost to iron and steel transportation in Guangxi

2019-08-22 09:47:06 Import & Export,  Ports

Southern China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has seen its iron and steel transportation enter the fast lane of development thank...

Inner Mongolia Ceke Jul coal imports up 6.65% from multi-year low

2019-08-15 11:19:20 Import & Export,  Ports

Ceke border crossing in northern China's Inner Mongolia saw a 6.65% month-on-month increase in coal imports in July from a sharp decl...

Canada Ridley Jul coal exports up 12.5% YoY

2019-08-14 16:48:02 Import & Export,  Ports,  International

Coal exports of Canada's Ridley Terminals posted a year-on-year increase of 13.2% in July, showed the latest data. ...

North Queensland Jul coal exports down 12% from record-breaking Jun

2019-08-12 09:29:17 Import & Export,  Ports,  International

North Queensland of Australia – known for its metallurgical coal – shipped 12.74 million tonnes in July, a 12% fall from the record h...

China's coastal ports temporarily shut down for typhoon Lekima

2019-08-08 18:04:38 Ports

Several ports on China's southern and eastern coast were temporarily shut down to brace for the arrival of typhoon Lekima. ...

Rail coal inflows tumble to one-yr low at QHD port after cable fire

2019-08-08 10:56:59 Ports

Rail coal shipments to Qinhuangdao port, the busiest coal transfer hub in northern China, tumbled to a nearly one-year low of 242,000...

China coking coal prices mixed; import market further tumbles

2019-08-08 10:55:17 Price,  Ports,  Coking Coal

Prices were mixed in Chinese main coking coal production areas on August 7, with that of premium coking coal holding stable amid stea...

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1 Asia coal sheds gains on demand concerns 2019-09-20

Asia-Pacific benchmark coal prices have shed most of this week's gains as concerns about waning demand began to reassert themselves against September 16's spike in oil prices. Global Coal

2 How much of China's 2019 coal import quota is left? 2019-09-20

The Chinese government has intensified administrative measures to control coal imports since 2017, issuing import quotas to individual customs and major importers. The country's coal imports remain

3 Chinese import thermal coal expected to stabilize ahead of holiday 2019-09-20

Chinese import thermal coal market is expected to wind down before the 7-day National Day holiday that starts from October 1, with buying interest fading away from end buyers and traders.

4 Port trading activity stays sparse in China thermal coal market 2019-09-20

Trading activity of spot thermal coal stayed sparse at northern Chinese transfer ports, as power plants still showed tepid buying appetite although their coal stockpiles dived to a four-month low.

5 U.S. natural gas futures dive nearly 4% on big storage build 2019-09-20

U.S. natural gas futures fell almost 4% on September 19 as a bigger-than-expected storage build and forecasts for less cooling demand next week knocked prices further off their highest in nearly five

6 China Coal Daily Track (Sep 19) 2019-09-19

Thermal coal Production area Coal supply is shrinking affected by explosive devices ban in Inner Mongolia, stricter control on coal sales invoices in Ordos of Inner Mongolia and Yulin of Shaa

7 Top 3 provinces contribute 70.2% of China's Jan-Aug coal output 2019-09-19

China's three largest coal bases – Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Shaanxi – produced 1.69 billion tonnes of raw coal in the first eight months this year, taking 70.2% of the country's total, showed data

8 Mongolian coal exports notch a record high in Aug 2019-09-19

Mongolia exported a record high amount of coal to its main destinations, in August, showed data from the National Statistics Office of Mongolia, supported mainly by larger shipments to China.

9 World's 1st stainless steel futures will be listed in Shanghai Futures Exchange 2019-09-19

The world's first stainless steel futures will be traded on September 25 in the Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE), which will further enhance China's pricing influence in the international stainless st

10 China spot thermal coal demand remains dull; Oct outlook diverges 2019-09-19

Buying demand for spot thermal coal cargoes stayed dull at northern China ports, even after expectations on a potential supply shortfall were reinforced by news of production curbs in coal-rich Ordos

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1 China coal imports reach 7-mth high in Aug, GAC 2019-09-09

China's coal imports touched a seven-month high in August this year, representing a strong pickup compared with the year-ago level, showed official data on September 8. The country import

2 Survey report on coal import quota of major Chinese ports in Sep 2019 2019-09-11

China's coal imports have been steadily rising since January. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs on September 8, China imported 32.95 million tonnes of coal in August,

3 Indonesia sets coal reference price at $65.79/t for Sep 2019-09-10

The Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has set the country's coal reference price known as coal benchmark price (HBA) at $65.79/t for September, which hit a three-year's low since Septem

4 China's Haoji railway sets freight rate higher than expected 2019-09-10

China's soon-to-be-commenced Haoji railway, the world's longest heavy-haulage rail line, has set freight rate higher than most expected for the fourth quarter this year, sources learned on September 1

5 China coal output slows down in Aug, but still at a high level 2019-09-16

China's raw coal production slowed down in August, with the year-on-year growth decelerating to 5% from 12.2% a month earlier, but remained at a relatively high level, statistical data showed.

6 Australia's Gladstone port Aug coal exports to China slump 54.5% MoM 2019-09-09

Australia's Gladstone port posted a slump of 54.48% in coal exports to China compared with July's multi-year high, according to data from Gladstone Ports Corporation. In August, Gladstone

7 China's Aug coal exports plunge 29.8% YoY, GAC 2019-09-09

China's coal exports presented a 29.84% decline compared with a year earlier in August, showed data from the General Administration of Customs (GAC) on September 8. The country exported 3

8 China 15 provinces' coal mines under safety checks 2019-09-12

Coal mines in China's 15 provinces came under stringent one-month safety checks by seven inspection teams sent by the National Coal Mine Safety Administration from late August, in a bid to ensure safe

9 China Aug coke exports slump 44.04% YoY 2019-09-09

China witnessed its coke exports decline 44.04% year on year and 9.07% month on month in August, data showed. China exported 441,000 tonnes of coke in August, showed data from General Adm

10 Henan to cancel night shifts at all coal mines by end-2020 2019-09-11

Henan province in central China pledged to call off night shifts at all coal mines by the end of 2020, and meanwhile implement weekend breaks, according to a work plan at a meeting on September 10.

Most Read Analysis & Comments

1 Wait-and-watch sentiment prevails in China thermal coal market 2019-09-02

Wait-and-watch sentiment crept up in China's spot thermal coal market, as traders generally stopped making offers and expected favorable signs to emerge from CHN Energy's Sep term contract pricing.

2 Indonesian thermal coal prices stand firm after Chinese utility awards tenders 2019-09-04

Indonesian low-calorific value (CV) thermal coal prices showed signs of recovery after a Chinese state-owned utility awarded tenders early this week. China Huadian Corporation, one large

3 China import thermal coal market warms up; import restrictions looming large 2019-09-05

Chinese seaborne import thermal coal market became active this week with more trades and inquiries emerging in the market, driving up prices from a steadiness lasted for one week. A Septe

4 China coking coal market sapped amid weak demand; import market remains dull 2019-09-04

China's coking coal market continued to be smitten by flopping demand from coke producers on September 3, with a few miners from main production areas reportedly further lowering prices of low-sulfur

5 Import coal curb concerns grow in Chinese market; Indonesian coal firm 2019-09-10

Concerns over possible tighter grips on coal imports were growing shortly after latest August import data presented a new seven-month high, which could trigger stricter moves in place to cap coal inta

6 Aussie thermal coal bid lower in Chinese import market 2019-09-02

Australian thermal coal was bid lower in Chinese seaborne import market late last week, suggesting poorer buying interest from end buyers on concerns of high freight rates and weak Chinese currency.

7 China thermal coal suppliers respond differently on divergent outlooks 2019-09-05

Suppliers of spot thermal coal started responding variedly to current market situations at northern China ports, amid a parallel of both bullish and bearish factors. Part of traders were

8 Chinese utilities' tenders boost Indonesian thermal coal prices 2019-09-06

Several Chinese state-run power groups issued tenders of import thermal coal for their coastal power plants in recent days, spurring traders' buying interest in Indonesian coal and boosting offers and

9 Chinese import thermal coal market tranquil at week start 2019-09-03

Chinese seaborne import thermal coal market made a quiet start to the week, with both offers and bids almost unchanged from late last week, and few trades were heard concluded. Indonesian

10 China spot thermal coal to stay range-bound despite weaker contract prices 2019-09-03

Market participants expected spot thermal coal prices to stay in mild fluctuations at northern China ports, although top miners' September term contract prices were set lower than a month ago.

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