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China thermal coal market partly supported by restrictive import policy

2018-11-19 14:50:00 Viewpoint,  Price,  Ports,  Thermal Coal

China's thermal coal market may find some support as government authorities planned to tighten import curbs, yet end utilities contin...

China's coking coal supplies keep tightening amid multi-factors

2018-11-19 09:56:00 Policy,  Ports,  Coking Coal

China's supplies of low-sulfur primary coking coal kept tightening late last week, as domestic miners continued cutting output amid s...

China's QHD port moving coal business to neighboring Caofeidian, analyst

2018-11-15 17:46:00 General,  Ports

Despite not officially announced, Qinhuangdao Port, China's largest coal-dedicated transferring pivot, is mobilizing part of coal tra...

CRC to open a national coal trading center by year end

2018-11-15 14:44:00 Production & Sales,  Resource,  Ports,  Thermal Power

A nationwide coal trading center is expected to be opened by the end of 2018. The center was co-built by China Railway Investment Co....

China Oct coal imports from Newcastle terminals pick up to 4-mth high

2018-11-15 12:00:00 Import & Export,  Ports

China's October coal imports from Australian Newcastle terminals (Carrington and Kooragang) picked up to a new high after consecutive...

Ganqimaodu Oct Mongolian coal shipments surge 77% YoY

2018-11-12 14:18:00 Import & Export,  Ports

Ganqimaodu border crossing in China's Inner Mongolia handled 2.23 million tonnes of Mongolian coal in October, surging 76.8% year on ...

Caofeidian Phase II's coal handling capacity may exceed 32 mln this yr

2018-11-12 09:06:00 Ports,  Inland Shipment

Coal handling capacity at Caofeidian Port Phase II was expected to exceed 32 million tonnes in 2018. Over January-October, it has rea...

China thermal coal market in bearish sentiment

2018-11-09 09:55:00 Viewpoint,  Price,  Ports,  Thermal Coal

China's thermal coal market remained sluggish as contract prices of thermal coal futures fell to a relatively low level, recently, ...

Huaneng Caofeidian to intensify extra storage charges to clear coal stocks

2018-11-07 16:58:00 Policy,  Ports

Huaneng Caofeidian port in Bohai Bay decided to intensify extra storage charges by adding heavier punitive charges on coal cargoes wi...

Russia's largest coal port hikes exports 6% on yr

2018-11-07 09:04:00 Import & Export,  Ports,  International

Russia's largest coal terminal at Vostochny exported 20.4 million tonnes of coal over January-October, around 6% higher from the prec...

New railway to Huizhou Quanwan coal port opens

2018-11-02 10:50:00 Ports,  Inland Shipment

Huizhou Quanwan coal port inbound railway opened on November 1 marked the port, the largest coal distribution base in eastern Guangdo...

Caofeidian port hard to soon replace Qinhuangdao in transferring coal

2018-10-29 11:41:00 Ports,  Seaborne Shipment,  Inland Shipment

Caofeidian port in northern China's Hebei province is expected to replace Qinhuangdao to work as the largest coal transfer hub across...

Daqin railway autumn maintenance comes to an end

2018-10-24 17:00:00 Ports,  Thermal Coal

Daqin line, China's largest coal-dedicated railway, has ended its autumn maintenance. During the 25-day rail repair, coal wagons dest...

China's coal imports from Newcastle terminals tumble to record low in Sep

2018-10-24 08:35:00 Import & Export,  Ports,  International

China's September coal imports from Australian Newcastle terminals (Carrington and Kooragang) tumbled to a new low since March 2015, ...

Coal stocks dipping in N China ports; utilities' daily coal burns low

2018-10-23 16:11:00 Price,  Ports

Coal stocks went on sliding at Bohai-rim ports in northern China with total inflows falling behind of outflows over October 16-22. ...

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1 China Coal Daily Track (Nov 19) 2018-11-19

Thermal coal Domestic market Production area Some miners in Yuyang district of Shaanxi lowered blend coal prices by 20 yuan/t amid tepid sales and increased stocks; some miners cut slack

2 Taiwan Oct coal imports rise 7% YoY 2018-11-19

Taiwan area imported 6.01 million tonnes of coal in October, up 6.55% year on year yet down 1.01% month on month, preliminary customs data showed. In October, Taiwan import

3 China Coal Oct commercial coal production up 3.7% YoY 2018-11-19

China Coal Energy Co., Ltd, a listed subsidiary of China National Coal Group, produced 6.14 million tonnes of commercial coal in October, rising 3.7% from a year earlier but sliding 3.91% from Septemb

4 China may shut door on coal imports until next year, sources 2018-11-19

China is very likely to close its door for seaborne thermal coal imports until at least next years, sources familiar with the matter said. China's top economic planning body the National

5 Chinese thermal coal traders await better prices to offset loss 2018-11-19

Some Chinese traders suspended giving offers of spot thermal coal at northern transfer hubs following signs of improved appetite amid tighter import policy, as they are generally awaiting higher price

6 China Coal signs coal supply deals with 6 power production SOEs 2018-11-19

China National Coal Group Corporation (ChinaCoal) has inked medium-to-long-term coal supply deals with six centrally administered state-owned power producers. According to the contracts,

7 Global thermal coal prices will move down in 2019, Bloomberg Analyst 2018-11-16

Global thermal coal prices are expected to decrease next year, as the supply-demand spread is set to further widen with fuel consumption by major global consumers slowing down and production growing b

8 China Coal Daily Track (Nov 16) 2018-11-16

Thermal coal Domestic market Production area Coal prices decreased recently at some mines in Shaanxi province after demand became tepid. But the overall prices in the province remained s

9 Weekly global coal market news summary (Nov 12- Nov 16) 2018-11-16

India's coal imports rise 7.9% to 134 mln T in Apr-Oct India's coal imports rose by 7.9% to 134.46 million tonnes in the first seven months of the current fiscal, according to mjunction serv

10 E China's Zibo city orders output cuts in industrial sectors 2018-11-16

Zibo city in eastern China's Shandong province ordered massive output cuts at several heavy-polluting industrial sectors, according to a notice released on November 14, in a push to improve air condit

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1 China to tighten import coal policy to regulate domestic market 2018-11-15

Chinese authorities are to impose stricter import coal curbs after relevant meetings in three major import channels of Jiangsu, Guangdong and Fujian on November 14, 15 and 16. An attendee

2 China to implement renewable energy quota system in 2019 2018-11-16

China National Energy Administration (NEA) issued Notice on Implementing Renewable Energy Quota System on November 15, aiming to receive different opinions for new system preparation. The

3 The 6th Global Thermal Coal Resource and Market Summit 2018 successfully held 2018-11-16

Held by, the two-day 6th Global Thermal Coal Resource and Market Summit 2018 wrapped up on November 15. Business insiders from thermal coal enterprises, utilities, trading and

4 Coal prices soar as CIL reduces e-auction offers 2018-11-16

Reduced e-auction offerings by Coal India have contributed to an increase of one-and-a-half times in coal prices in the past year. This is twice as much as the increase in international rates.

5 Mongolia Jan-Oct coal exports up 10.28% YoY 2018-11-16

Coal-rich Mongolia exported 31.35 million tonnes of coal over January-October, rising 10.28% from the previous year, showed data from the National Statistics Office of Mongolia. Val

6 China Oct power consumption up 5% on yr 2018-11-16

China's power consumption increased 5% year on year to 513 TWh in October, data from the National Energy Administration (NEA) showed on October 14. The residential segment consumed 68.8 T

7 Weekly global coal market news summary (Nov 12- Nov 16) 2018-11-16

India's coal imports rise 7.9% to 134 mln T in Apr-Oct India's coal imports rose by 7.9% to 134.46 million tonnes in the first seven months of the current fiscal, according to mjunction serv

8 Ordos Oct coal output up 10.2% YoY 2018-11-16

Ordos, located in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, produced 55.5 million tonnes of coal in October with a year-on-year increase of 10.2%, said Ordos Bureau of Statistics on November

9 Henan Jan-Oct raw coal output up 2.2% on yr 2018-11-16

Central China's Henan province produced 90.55 million tonnes of raw coal over January-Octopber this year, rising 2.2% year on year, showed data from Henan Administration of Coal Mine Safety released o

10 China Oct power output up 4.8% on yr 2018-11-16

China generated 533 TWh of electricity in October, a 4.8% increase from a year ago yet a 2.79% decrease from a month ago, showed data from National Bureau of Statistics on November 14.

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1 Strategic opportunity & prospect for Sino-Mongolia cooperation on coal, Fenwei president 2018-11-08

The Sino-Mongolia Mining Forum, hosted by Aluminum Corporation of China Limited and undertaken by China Aluminum International Trading Co., Ltd, was held in Shanghai on November 8. During the meeting,

2 China's coal market may see slight pickup in heating season 2018-11-05

China's thermal coal prices are like to embrace slight pickup in the heating season which generally has started from November 1 in northern regions, insiders said. Thermal coal market has

3 China coke price near historical high; further rising momentum remains 2018-11-06

China's coke price has climbed to a level close to the all-time high reached during the financial crisis in 2008. Further upward strength is expected to continue in the coke market, buoyed by winter r

4 China coking coal supply may further tighten amid safety and environmental checks 2018-11-13

Coking coal supply may further tighten in China's main production areas where safety and environmental checks are intensified. Coal-rich Shanxi province in north China will ban coal produ

5 Indonesian coal keeps losing strength in China 2018-11-09

Offer prices for Indonesian thermal coal with low calorific value kept falling in the key market China, traders said, but some participants bet the market to pick up in late December-early January.

6 Chinese import thermal coal market shows no clear signs of recovery 2018-11-08

China's import thermal coal market still shows no signs of rebound at present, with cargoes from its two largest suppliers of Australia and Indonesia suffering slack demand for long, especially Austra

7 China Thermal Coal Market Analysis and Forecast (Nov 2018) 2018-11-07

Thermal coal markets improved steadily in China's main production centers like Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia during October, supported by constrained output at coal mines, while the uptrend at no

8 China's spot thermal coal trades remain sluggish as demand wanes 2018-11-09

Spot thermal coal trades remained sluggish on a whole at northern China ports, as demand from utilities continued to weaken owing to their abundant stockpiles. A Hebei-based trader said h

9 China thermal coal market in focus at industry forum 2018-11-15

China's thermal coal market runs well this year, with prices staying at relatively high level amid a tight balance between supply and demand, analysts said at an industry forum held in Beijing on Nove

10 China coke market runs well on tight supply 2018-11-09

Coke producers in major production areas in China reported normal production but low stocks resulting from robust demand from end users, sources said. "There is some coke available for sa