Sxcoal cordially invites you to participate in the 12th Global Coking Coal Market Summit to be held in Taiyuan city, northern China's Shanxi province over March 29-30, 2023.

China has seen more variables in the coking coal market alongside further release of domestic coal production capacity, crossover of coking coal into the thermal coal market, high Mongolian coal shipments and resumed imports from Australia. Such changes have and would continue to impact the market dynamics. Further analysis of their sustainability would help prepare us for the days ahead.

Against this backdrop, how will steel mills and coking plants adjust their inventory strategy? Whether the marginal recovery of real estate sector could reinject vitality to the market? Where will coking coal prices head for in 2023? These are all hot topics require further understanding and deliberation.

This Summit will invite coal industry experts and representatives from up- and down-stream enterprises to discuss and share their insights on the supply and demand dynamics in domestic and import coking coal markets as well as coke and steel industries.

We look forward to meeting you at the Summit.


  • China's Macroeconomic Outlook
  • Coal Industry & Policy Analysis
  • Steel Industry Analysis & Outlook
  • Coke Industry Analysis & Outlook
  • Coking Coal Supply-Demand Analysis & Outlook
  • Steel & Coke Firms' Feed Coal Specifications & Technical Parameters Changes
  • Australian Coking Coal Import Analysis & Outlook
  • Mongolian Coking Coal Import Analysis & Outlook
  • Russian Coking Coal Import Analysis & Outlook
  • Coking Coal Delivery after Futures Contract Change


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