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Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to The 4th Global Thermal Coal Resource & Market Summit which is organized by China Coal Resource ( and is the most anticipated event of the year for the Chinese coal industry.

Following a rapid downward trajectory since 2011, Chinese thermal coal prices dropped by 58.6% to a historical low of 354 yuan/t in November 2015 and the whole Chinese coal sector suffered great losses and most companies struggled to survive.

In early 2016, the Chinese government rolled out the supply-side reform to remove excessive and outdated capacities in the coal industry. This timely and effective policy has produced positive effect in curbing output and will have far-reaching impact on the industry over the long term. Chinese coal miners are operating strictly on a 276-workday basis, instead of the previous 330 days. This has resulted in tight supply and low stocks at mines, transfer ports and power plants. This has bolstered thermal coal prices up to nearly 500 yuan/t in August. But, what's next?

  • Will thermal coal price go up further?
  • Will the de-capacity policy proceed as planned in Q4 of 2016?
  • What are the risks if the government eases the policy?
  • What price level do the decision-makers expect?
  • What impacts it may have on China’s coal import and the seaborne price?

This Summit will invite macro economy specialists, representatives from coal production and consumption enterprises, ports and logistics experts, and traders to deeply address the above questions. It also offers a unique opportunity for participants to discuss the current and future trends, as well as to gain new connections, new ideas and new business opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you at the Summit.

Yours Faithfully,

Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

Conference Spotlight

Conference Agenda

DAY ONE - 27 October 2016



DAY TWO - 28 October 2016


Opening Speech(ZhangHong, Deputy Secretary General of China National Coal Association, The director of China Coal Economic Research Association)



2016 China Macro Economy(Changsheng Chen, Deputy Head and Researcher, Department of Macroeconomic Research of DRC)

China economic environment analysis
China macroeconomic control and effects
China economy forecast


2016 China Coal Industry Development and Outlook
(Liang Xu, Deputy Secretary General, China Coal Industry Association)

2016 China coal industry performance
13th Five-Year Plan of China Coal Industry
2017 China coal industry outlook


2016 Coal Industry De-capacity Campaign and its Impact(Yijun Chang, CEO, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.)

2016 China coal production capacity analysis
2016 China coal de-capacity policy implementation and impact
Forecast of de-capacity policy impact on China coal market


Tea Break



Competitiveness of Imported Thermal Coal and its Outlook in China(W.K.Chan, Partner, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.)

2016 China thermal coal import analysis
Effects of imported thermal coal in China coal market
China thermal coal import forecast and its impact on future coal prices


Rail Coal Transportation Status Quo & Development Trend
(Li Hua, Office Chief, China Railway Economic and Planning Research Institute)

Current situation & planning
Development Trend
Reform of rail cargo transportation & freight variation trend


Buffet Lunch



Global Thermal Coal Market Outlook
(Zhai Yu, Senior Consultant – Coal Markets, Wood Mackenzie)

Global thermal coal market analysis over past 5 years
Major influencing factors of seaborne coal trade
Dominant suppliers of thermal coal in the future


Indonesia Coal Market and its Export to China
(Hendri Tan, Marketing Director ,PT Adaro Energy)

Indonesia coal resources and demand analysis
Indonesia coal sales to China and price forecast
Major buyers and port conditions
Thermal coal trading pattern in Asia-pacific market


Mongolia Coal Market and Export to China
(Naranbaatar Lundeg, General Director, Glogex Mining Consulting Services LLC.)

Mongolia coal market analysis
Mongolia thermal coal competitiveness and sales in China
Mongolia coal market forecast


Tea Break



Impact of Power Structure Development on Thermal Coal Market(Yiqing Cai, Deputy chief engineer, Evaluation consultation institute of CEC)

China power industry status quo and challenges
Environmental protection policies and impact on utilities' coal use
Power supply & demand analysis and long-term forecast
Impact of new energy development on power sector


China Infrastructure and Impact on Thermal Coal Market(Xiaoliang Wang, Analysts, Information Center of China Cement Association)

2016 China cement industry analysis
Impact of China infrastructure on cement demand
Impact of cement industry development on thermal coal demand


Global Thermal Coal Pricing and an Exploration to China Coal Pricing(Eric Zeng, Director, Pricing Center of Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd)

Global thermal coal pricing mechanism
China coal companies making coal pricing explorations
Fenwei coal pricing system



Topic: Thermal Coal Market Status and Outlook


Buffet Dinner

Previous Participant List

  • Lafarge (China)Adani Enterprise Limited
  • BASF SEBHP Billiton China
  • Bloombers IntellisenceBunge (Shanghai) Management Company Limited
  • Castleton Commodities Trading (China) Co., LtdDeutsche Bank
  • Edesia Asset ManagementGoldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C.
  • Hartree PartnersJCOAL
  • Kyushu UniversityMineral Resources Authority, Mongolia
  • Oldendorff Carriers (Singapore) Pte LtdOng First Tradition Pte Ltd
  • Parus LtdRWE Generation
  • Singapore ExchangeStamford Management
  • Total Petrochemicals (China) Trading Co., LtdArkema (China) Investment Co., Ltd
  • Baotou Fushide Commercial & Trade Co., LtdBeijing Financial Letter Klc Holding Ltd
  • Beijing Changmao Consulting Co., LtdBeijing Liaosu Xinzhan Trading Co., Ltd
  • Changjiang SecuritiesIdemitsu Energy Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd
  • Datong Coal Mine GroupDonghai Futures
  • Shanghai East Asia Futures Co., LtdDongying Gangcheng Heating Power Co., Ltd
  • DHL Project & Chartering (China) LimitedBNP PARIBAS
  • Concord Fortune Yongfu Capital Co., LtdGezhouba Group Cement Co., Ltd
  • Gulianhe Opencast Coal MineGuangdong Power Industry Fuel Co., Ltd Taiyuan Branch
  • Macroeconomic Research Office of State Information CenterGuotai Junan Futures Shanghai Futures Tower Office
  • SDIC CGOG Futures Co., LtdInformation Center of Ministry of Land & Resources
  • Guosen Futures Co., Ltd Nanyang OfficeHenan Energy & Chemical Industry Group Sales Office
  • Henan Xinlianxin Chemical Fertilizer Co., LtdHongyuan Futures
  • Huadian Trading International (Beijing) Co., LtdHuaneng Power Int'l Inc Shanxi Branch
  • Huatai Great Wall Futures Co., LtdHuatai Securities Hongkong Stocks Research Office
  • Huaxin Cement Co., LtdJilin Yatai Group Material Trading Co., Ltd
  • Joy Global (China) Investment Co., LtdKaiyuan Securities
  • CRH Management (Beijing) Co., LtdLouis Dreyfus Commodities (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd
  • Maike FuturesMcKinsey & Consulting Company Inc. Shanghai Branch
  • Capital Strategy Research Inc. Beijing OfficeInner Mongolia Yuanxing Energy Co., Ltd
  • Ping An Trust Co., LtdQinhuangdao Seaborne Coal Market
  • Rizhao Chengshun Trading Co., LtdUBS Securities Co., Ltd
  • Shandong Jiucheng Coal Sales Co., LtdShandong Kangbaoshun New Energy Industry Co., Ltd
  • Shanxi Dongjiang Coal Industry GroupShanxi Hongxing Chushou Coal Industry Co., Ltd
  • Shanxi Huasheng Tongpei Coal Sales Co., LtdShanxi Coking Coal Group
  • Shanxi Coking Coal Group Road Transported Coal Sales Co., LtdShanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group
  • Shanxi Lianchi Economic & Trade Co., LtdShanxi Coal Transportation & Sales Group Outbound Coal & Coke Sales Co., Ltd
  • Shanxi Research Institute for Fiscal ScienceShanxi Shide Energy Group Coal Sales (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
  • Shanxi Zezhou Tiantai Energy Co., LtdOrient Futures
  • Shanghai Fenghai Investment Co., LtdShanghai Honghu Investment Management Co., Ltd
  • Chaos InvestmentShanghai Clearing House
  • Shanghai Rujin Investment Management Co., LtdShanghai Yihui Investment Management Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Integrity Commerce Co. Ltd.Shanghai Zhongcai Think Tank Energy & Sci-tech Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai CIFCO FuturesShenhua International Ltd.
  • Shenhua Science & Technology Research Institute Co., LtdShenhua Shendong Coal Group
  • Shenhua Trading GroupShengda Futures Co., Ltd
  • Shougang Group Supply OfficeSichuan China Power Fuxi Power Development Co., Ltd
  • SUMEC International Technology Co., LtdTianjin Yijuncheng Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd
  • The Third Railway Survey & Design Institute GroupMarubeni (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
  • Wanbang Zhoufang (Shanghai) Int'l Trade Co., LtdWanda Futures
  • Wanhua Chemical GroupBanpu Investment (China) Limited
  • Visa Trading (Shanghai) Co., LtdWood Mackenzie Beijing Office
  • Xiamen Huaxia Int'l Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.Yangquan Coal Industry Group Coal Sales Co., Ltd
  • Air Liquide (China)First Futures Co., Ltd
  • China Elion Resources
  • Galaxy FuturesYulin Coal Transaction Center
  • Grand Metal Trade Co., Ltd.China Merchants Futures
  • www.zhaomei.comZhengzhou Commodity Exchange
  • China Grains & Oils GroupScience & Technology Development Service Center of CEC
  • China Everbright Bank Taiyuan Branch BankChina Mineral Co., Ltd
  • CNCA China National Coal Construction AssociationSINOPEC Changcheng Energy & Chemical (Guizhou) Co., Ltd
  • China Railway Materials Beijing Company LimitedZhonghui Futures
  • COFCO Biochemical (AnHui) Co., LtdChina Aluminum Int'l Trading (Hongkong) Co., Ltd
  • China Aluminum International Trading Co., LtdChina Aluminum Int'l Trading (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd
  • ChinaCoal Huazhong Energy Co., LtdChina Railway Material Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • China Railway Resource Sunit Left Banner Mining Co., LtdTianqi Futures
  • SINOFACChongqing Hechang Energy Development Co., Ltd
  • Jungar Banner Zhaofu Coal Co., Ltd

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