• Tuesday September 27,2022
  • 11:49:51
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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Sep 27, Chinese coking coal futures rose 1.91%, coke increased 1.82%, while iron ore down 0.14%.

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    China's central safety watchdog will send 16 inspection groups to 31 provinces (autonomous regions and multicipalties) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps for safety checks, which will end in end-Nov.

  • 11:45:18
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    China's coal mining and washing industry earned a total profit of 709 billion yuan ($99.86 billion) during the first eight months of this year, soaring 112% YoY, according to data from NBS on Sep 27.

  • Monday September 26,2022
  • 15:25:55
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    Mongolia exported 1.96 Mt of coal in the first half of Sep, rising 9.97% MoM and 356.06% YoY. The accumulative coal exports so far this year reached 16.82 Mt, up 47.37% YoY, showed data from National Statistical Office of Mongolia.

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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Sep 26, Chinese coking coal futures dropped 1.07%, coke decreased 0.60%, while iron ore down 1.94%.

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    Rainfalls are expected to remain sparse in Hunan and Jiangxi that had suffered severe droughts in the coming 10 days, China's weather website said.

  • 11:06:14
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    China's Ganqimaodu border crossing had imported a total of 10.04 Mt of coal from Mongolia as of September 21 in the year, jumping 138.32% YoY. Imports in Jan-Aug reached 8.62 Mt, local media reported.

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    China has phased out over 150 Mtpa of surplus steelmaking capacity and 140 Mtpa of "Ditiao" steel capacity since its supply-side structural reform, and vigorously boosted strategic emerging industries and new development modes, said director with China's environment department at a press conference.

  • 11:00:54
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    Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group had delivered 2.51 Mt of power coal to Chongqing in SW China over Jul-Aug, jumping 39.9% YoY and well ensuring coal supply for summer peak demand season, according to a meeing on Sep 23.

  • 09:11:35
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    An accident happened at Jinfeng Cuncaota coal mine in Ejin Horo Banner, Ordos of Inner Mongolia on Sep 23, killing one person. The mine, owned by China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd, expanded production capacity to 4.5 Mtpa in 2018 and was once ranked as safe and efficient coal mine.

  • 09:04:27
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    Daily crude steel output at key member firms of China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) stood at 2.15 Mt during Sep 11-15, rebounding 2.23% compared with the previous ten days. Daily production of pig iron averaged 1.97 Mt , climbing 1.82% from ten days ago. Daily output of finished steel increased 3.51% from ten days ago to 2.10 Mt.

  • Friday September 23,2022
  • 16:44:28
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    Tashan Mine, a major coal mine under Jinneng Holding Shanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd. was approved to resume production on Sep 23 after about one week of suspension from Sep 16 due to safety accident with one worker dead.  

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    China's State Council meeting on Sep 21 stressed to provide policy support to transportation and logistics sector, proposing to cut the toll charge on trucks by 10% and reduce port charges on government-priced goods by 20% in the fourth quarter. The 100 billion yuan of special logistics loans will be released to ease burdens on transport companies and drivers.

  • 15:39:14
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    Guangxi development and reform department set a reasonable range of long-term thermal coal contract prices ex-mine basis at 270-420 yuan/t (3,000 kcal, VAT incl.), and the price ceiling of spot trade must not exceed 150% of the upper limit of long-term contract prices.

  • 15:23:34
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    In 2021, the actual consumption of power generated by renewable energy hit 2,444.6 TWh in China, accounting for 29.4% of the total power use, the share ticking up 0.6 percentage points YoY; that excluding hydropower reached 1,139.8 TWh, accounting for 13.7%, the share growing 2.3 percentage points YoY, according to a report released by the National Energy Administration.

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