• Sunday January 29,2023
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    China's imports of Mongolian coking coal reached 25.61 Mt in 2022, rising 82.5% YoY and representing 40% of China's total coking coal inflows. Shipments from Russia stood at 21 Mt, surging 95.6% YoY and accounting for 33%. The combined imports from Mongolia and Russia accounted for 73% of China's total coking coal imports, customs data showed.

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    The maxium power load of China Southern Power Grid was 134 GW during the 7-day Spring Festival holidays, up by 3.2% from the 2022 Lunar New Year period; the accumulative power supply stayed flay on the year at 16.6 TWh, according to the company.

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    China's 2nd-largest coal province Inner Mongolia produced 1.22 Bt of coal in 2022, and 645.5 TWh of electricity, according to the region's government report. The province also completed 945-Mt coal supply task and transmitted 264 TWh of electricity to other provinces, all ranking the top in China.  

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    Thailand's thermal coal imports in Dec 2022 were 1.71 Mt, down 29.92% YoY and 8.45% MoM, showed the latest data from Thai Customs. Full-year imports were 21.16 Mt, down 10.66% YoY.

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    China's cumulative market-based electricity trades reached 5,254.3 TWh in 2022, up 39% against the volume in 2021, data from the China Electricity Council showed. The market trades represented 60.8% of the nation's total power consumption last year, with the share up by 15.4 pps from the year earlier.

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    CHN Energy had completed 13.60 Mt of commercial coal resources during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday (Jan 21-27), rising 16% compared with the same lunar period last year. Its commercial coal sales during the seven days came in at 13.15 Mt, 13% higher year on year.

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    Indonesia, Russia, the U.S., South Africa and Australia were the top five suppliers to India in Nov, accounting for 89.64% of the total coal imports. India's coal imports from Indonesia came in at 8.04 Mt, up 67.81% YoY and 12.1% MoM. The share increased from 41.42% in Oct to 60.92% in Nov.

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    India imported 12.89 Mt of thermal coal were  in Nov, rising 25.3% YoY and 2.11% MoM, accounting for 97.65% of total; that of coking coal dived 95.73% YoY and 94.86% MoM to 236,000 t.

  • Saturday January 28,2023
  • 12:13:20
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    Starting from February, Mongolia's largest state-owned coal enterprise, Erdenes-Tavantolgoi JSC, will stop signing direct sales agreement with Chinese buyers. Instead, the company's coal will be auctioned on the Mongolia Stock Exchange, which will increase transparency and ultimately bring higher returns to the country.

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    Coal production in Xinjiang reached 400 Mt last year, up 25% YoY, data from the Xinjiang regional development and reform commission.

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    Germany's hard coal imports reached 2.69 Mt in Nov, down 5.54% YoY and 13.63% MoM, preliminary data from German Statistics Bureau showed.

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    Coal exports from RBCT in 2022 hit the lowest since 1993 at 50.35 Mt, as rail supply was heavily curbed from mines to port amid a lack of trains, according to a Reuters report.

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    Indonesia's ESDM would re-evaluate the formula of forming the current reference coal price, or HBA, which market participants argued the price was not in line with the reality.

  • Friday January 20,2023
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    Inner Mongolia had actively implemented the work of increasing coal and electricity production and supply, with key energy production at the forefront and ranking first among other provinces and regions in contribution to the national coal and power growth in 2022, the region's official statistical data showed.

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    Preliminary statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of Finance on Jan 19 showed Japan's trade balance deficit reached 19.97 trillion yen ($1 = about 128 yen) in 2022, hitting a new high in history, mainly due to high energy prices and the yen's sharp depreciation.

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