• Friday June 09,2023
  • 14:21:57
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    The coal-fired power generation in the U.S. is forecast to reduce 15% YoY this summer due to higher generation from natural gas and renewables, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said on Jun 8.

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    Heavy rainfall is forecast to sweep part of South and Southwest China on Jun 9. Some areas may also encounter severe convective weather such as thunderstorms, strong winds, or hail.

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    In May, Daqin railway achieved coal shipments of 36.36 Mt, up 7.48% YoY. The average daily volume was 1.17 Mt in May, compared with 1.02 Mt a month earlier.

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    Coal output in the United States was estimated at 11.27 million short tons (10.22 million tonnes) over the week ending June 3, up 0.91% week on week and 3.42% year on year, showed data from Energy Information Administration on June 8.

  • 10:58:03
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    Coal exports from Australia's Newcastle port were 11.72 million tonnes of coal in May, down 5.74% on the year but up 4.78% from the previous month, showed data from Port of Newcastle.

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    China's PPI fell 4.6% YoY in May after a 3.6% drop in Apr; the CPI rose 0.2% YoY compared with a 0.1% rise a month earlier, NBS data showed on Jun 9.

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    China's Manzhouli rail station imported 2.20 Mt of coal so far this year, a year-on-year increase of 169.3%, and intakes of metal ore stood at 1.95 Mt, up 69.4%, China Railway Harbin Group said.

  • 09:38:09
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    Australia exported 8.73 Mt of coal to its No.1 destination Japan in May, surging 37.26% MoM yet still 4.60% lower YoY, according to cargo tracking data from Kpler.

  • Thursday June 08,2023
  • 17:31:59
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    China Taiwan's coal imports in May sunk to a new low of the month since 2011, preliminary customs data showed. The region's coal imports totaled 4.8 Mt, slumping 26.74% YoY and down 8.48% MoM.

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    The U.S. power consumption is forecasted to be 4,010 TWh in 2023 compared to 4,048 TWh a year earlier, reflecting a slight drop year on year owing to economic slowdown and mild weather before increasing to 4,067 TWh in 2024 due to accelerated economic growth, according to the Short-Term Energy Outlook issued by Energy Information Administration (EIA) on June 6.

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    Coal production in the United States is forecasted to decline 6.31% on the year to 559.5 million short tons (508 million tonnes) in 2023, lower than the previous month's prediction of 577 million short tons, according to the latest Short-Term Energy Outlook released by Energy Information Administration (EIA) on June 6.

  • 10:58:35
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    Guoneng Huanghua port saw its accumulative coal unloading volume reach 82.95 Mt and coal loading 84.14 Mt during Jan-May, both hitting the highest among other ports in China, according to a local media.

  • Wednesday June 07,2023
  • 15:21:28
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    Coal imports through India's 12 state-run ports imported a total of 17.48 Mt of coal in May, jumping 25.22% YoY and up 5.99% MoM, data from the India Ports Association showed.

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    China exported 36.67 Mt of steel products during Jan-May, surging 40.9% YoY, according to data released by GAC on Jun 7.

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    China's steel products imports were registered at 3.13 Mt during Jan-May 2023, a YoY slump of 37.1%, according to the data released by GAC on Jun 7.

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