• Wednesday August 04,2021
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    On August 3, 221 trucks laden with Mongolian coal passed through China's Ganqimaodu border crossing, hitting the highest since March this year.

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    Coal shipments via Russian Railways network increased 9.9% year on year to 216 Mt over Jan-Jul. Coal accounted for the largest share of 29% of the company's total loading volume during the first seven months.

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    China's top steelmaking city Tangshan will impose a new round of environmental protection measures from late Aug 3 to Aug 10 to combat forecast air polution. A group of sintering machines at some mills were asked to halt produciton during the period. Coking plants were asked to lenghthened coking time to 36-40 hours. Heavy-haul trucks were restrained to work during 2:00 pm -9:00 pm.

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    China's Ganqimaodu checkpoint saw 156 Mongolian coal trucks pass through on Aug 2, while Ceke border crossing remained closed since a Mongolian driver was tested positive for COVID19 virus. The trucking costs from Wubulangkou in Inner Mongolia to Tangshan, Hebei surged 55 yuan/t from early-July to 220 yuan/t, exclusive of VAT.

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    Mongolia's Gashuunsukhait checkpoint, which links Ganqimaodu, and the country's Tsagaan Khad, a major coal storage place, returned to infection-free "green zone" with no new cases detected in the last 28 days.

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    Coke inventories at surveyed steel mills declined for the second week to 1.12 Mt on Aug 2. The volume was 0.1 Mt lower week on week but inched up 0.01 Mt from early-Jul.

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     Bureau of Economic Operations under the NDRC went to Tangshan and Qinhuangdao in Hebei to carry out a special investigation on coal supply and prices. It reiterated the importance on ensure thermal coal supply, real trading data and rational price indexes, and urged local authorities to keep cracking down on illegal hoarding, price hyping and speculation.

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    Russia exported 18.96 Mt of coal in Jul, up 8.94% YoY, down 0.36% MoM. Jan-Jul exports totaled 124 Mt, up 17% YoY, preliminary data showed.

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    Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources set the HBA thermal coal price at $130.99/t for August, a new record high since April 2011, up 13.56% month on month and 160.21% year on year.

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    CHN Energy Yulin Energy Co., Ltd has shipped over 37,000 tonnes of coal to flood-stricken Henan province by increasing rail delivery to the province, in response to urgent coal need from several power plants which suffered supply cut due to the blocked road and railway  transport.

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    Impacted by a suspected case of COVID-19 pandemic in Yulin of Shaanxi, roads in Jinjie town were closed and some mines halted production or stopped sales to local buyers, further tightening coal supply.

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    Inventory of five major steel products at China's 20 cities increased 0.8% from ten days ago to 12.03 million tonnes on July 31, according to data from China Iron and Steel Association (CISA).

  • Tuesday August 03,2021
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    Thermal coal market was quiet at northern ports, as still high offers kept downstream users sidelined. Participants adopted cautious stance, waiting more clarity on policy.

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    Some coal mines, which had been shut down after accident in Yulin, Shaanxi prov, have resumed production, but output was low and supply remained tight. Coal mines in Ordos of IM returned to normal at the start of the mth, and supply are expected to further release this mth.

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    The most-active contract of coking coal for September delivery on the Dalian Commodity Exchange slumped 2.05% to 2,222.0 yuan/t on Aug 3. The most-active contract of coke for September delivery declined 2.47% to 2,820.5 yuan/t.

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